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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TriBeCa: Sarabeth's

On Sunday, after sleeping in, I joined my friend Amy for a deliciously long 
brunch at Sarabeth's TriBeCa location. It was a misty overcast Sunday morning 
and the only irritation between  me and a delicious brunch was a fifteen minute walk to 
TriBeCa. It was that kind of inconvenient mist that does not require rain boots but does 
require an umbrella so your perfect Sunday brunch hair does not look like a poodle 
when you walk in the door. 

Fortunately, I own an umbrella so that poodle doo I mentioned above was not present. 
However, what was present was this big fat bloody mary Amy ordered. I can always count 
on her to order these fabulously delicious and aesthetically pleasing cocktail concoctions.

When we learned each of our selected main courses did not include one of the six different 
muffins (Corn, Banana, Pumpkin, English, Bran or Berry Corn), Toast, Croissant or Scone, 
we decided to order one as an appetizer. This cute mini Corn muffin arrived with a side 
of butter and preserves. 

Amy and I decided to share our entrees, which is how it should always be done.
I selected the traditional Eggs Benedict. I had not had Eggs Benedict in a long time
and it sounded perfect. 

Amy and I both battled back and forth between a couple of dishes, one which she
ended up ordering, the Egg Stuffed Popover with cream cheese and scallions. This was
by far my favorite of the two. As much as I wish I could have said that was the best
Eggs Benedict I've had, it was far from as amazing as Balthazar's or Blue Ribbon.
However, the salad dressing on the mixed greens was phenomenal. I would purchase
 a bottle of that in no time!

After some coffee, and tea for me, we ordered a Lemon Tart to split. Almost three
 hours later, we realized how long we had been occupying a table at this popular
brunch hot spot and decided we would brave our way back home in the rain. I did not
 leave the sofa until the Season Finale of Homeland was over and I jumped at the screen
 screaming WHAT! No! Don't leave me hanging like this! Please say someone
else did that too..

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