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Monday, December 10, 2012

Williamsburg: Night Bazaar

On Saturday night I headed back out to Williamsburg, for the second weekend in a row, to experience the Brooklyn Night Bazaar.  We arrived around 7:15pm, had our ID's checked and walked right in. We followed the crowed around the front room while waiting for Monique to join us. 

 By the time we finished the first round of madness, the crowd became a little too much for us. Monique arrived, we finished the tour of the back room and skedaddled out of there faster than we entered. 

We unfortunately missed all of the live bands and DJ's. 

We also passed on all of the food vendors however, Sara and I did enjoy some delicious garlic dill pickles to hold us over until dinner. 

It really is a fabulous idea, one which would been more appealing if they didn't seem to be over their maximum capacity upon entrance. 

We left roughly 30 minutes after we had entered  only to find a line which extended three city blocks. I hope some of the poor people heard our passing comments of "It's not worth It."  It honestly was not worth it. The crowds were insane and overwhelming. However, the concept was genius, if only initiated on a more tame basis, it would have been wonderful. 

Sara and I both agreed next time, we will go the second it opens.  

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  1. Wow-now that's a line!! But, you're right-it's a great idea & I bet a lot of fun if you get there at the right time!