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Friday, December 7, 2012

Williamsburg: Rye

Last weekend I met Kristen and Emma in Williamsburg for Brunch at Rye. Rye was Emma's pick. She had recently been for drinks and loved the atmosphere and the brunch menu. One mass email later and we were all headed to Williamsburg for a delicious brunch.

The restaurant was just starting to get busy, and when I arrived, Emma and Kristen were seated at the corner of the bar. We decided we would stay there for our meal. 

After the bartender laid out three napkins as table cloths, and table settings, he took our order. Kristen felt we needed to share the homemade donuts as a starter. No one objected. 

Emma selected the ever so tasty Rye Benedict with the pork belly! Kristen, who exclaimed she never has French toast decided to go with the Challah French Toast. And I, little ole me, had been craving Mac and Cheese for about a week, so guess what I had. However, I also ordered a green salad which turned out to be so large, I could only eat about one quarter of my M&C. Therefore, I also had a pretty cheesy dinner!

After brunch, Emma skidaddled off to work. After feeling sorry for her, we hit up the streets of Williamsburg. It was a cold but nice afternoon. We found some new stores, new to us stores, and hit up some old favorites. 

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  1. OMG that mac n cheese looks delish! Love the elephant too!