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Monday, January 28, 2013

Brooklyn Heights: River Deli

For our first night "out on the town" while my parents were visiting this past 
weekend, we headed out to Brooklyn Heights. Tucker, my parents God dog, 
was leaving with his human to go to Florida for the weekend. If we didn't make 
plans to see him on Thursday, it would never have happened.

It was a cold cold evening. We layered, bundled and huddled our way to 
Brooklyn. Thankfully the subway is not far from either of our warm dwellings. 
When we arrived,Tucker was a little unsure of these ever so human looking figures 
who were fur and cashmere wrapped but, once his little nose took control, he was 
a non-stop kissing machine. We left the sad whines behind us and headed back out 
into the cold winter night for some food to fill our empty bellies.

Sara made reservations at a quaint little Italian restaurant in Brooklyn Heights by 
the name of River Deli. She noted it was cute, good and cheap. The three top 
checks on any of my NYC lists.  Unfortunately, out of lack of remembrance I forgot 
to take photos of our delicious meal. 

For starters, we shared the Bruschetta Mista. Four slices of toasted bread each 
topped with a different option including tomatoes and mozzarella, tomatoes and 
garlic, pancetta e pecorino and ricotta and eggplant. We also shared the Insalata 
Di Finocci which is a fennel mesclun and parmigiano salad. 

We each selected a different entree. Sara chose the Ravioli Al Burro E Salvia, 
a spinach and ricotta ravioli in a butter sage sauce. My Dad selected the 
Pappardelle Ai Funghi, a homemade pappardelle with mixed mushrooms in an 
olive oil garlic sauce topped with parmigiano cheese. My Mom ordered the dish
 I had been eyeing, which also ended up being my favorite, the Malloredus 
Sardi Alla Campidanese. This delicious sounding pasta is a traditional short 
sardinian pasta with sausage in a tomato sauce sprinkled with pecorino cheese. 

With my parents present, I could absolutely not order the same thing as one 
of them. I selected the classic Lasagna with ground meat, tomato and beciamella 
sauce. I knew what I was doing, putting this lasagna to the taste test up against 
my favorite lasagna from Bianca. It was a risk. One I will never do again. Nothing 
can and will never beat Bianca's lasagna. In the end, I wish I had ordered the 
same thing my Mom had. I ended up finishing hers off anyway. In no way was 
this lasagna bad. But for me, nothing can beat Bianca's. 

Today, while researching River Deli, I learned that they are related to one of 
my favorite NoLita restaurants Epistrophy. I love NYC and their amazing food!

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  1. i found your blog while trying to find info on brooklyn heights! went there this weekend and it was amazing and had no idea there was such a magical place in walking distance! your post makes me want to go back and eat more. great pics!!!