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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Merry Christmas

...only a few weeks late! 

I had a horrendous time getting to Tulsa. If any of you follow my Instagram account,
you will know that after 10 hours in the Newark Airport, my flight was cancelled.
We were stuck in New York City, not that it was the worst of all places to be stuck,
for another two days. Oliver and I made it to Tulsa around 11pm on Sunday night.
 I am just thankful we made it. Our trip was cut short, but at least I got to celebrate
 Christmas with my family and see my three best friends from high school. 

Andy and Jennie gave me this wonderful photo of me and Andy from their wedding
 printed on a slab of wood! I can't wait to hang it.

It was a wonderful and relaxing two days with the family. I headed off to 
Salt Lake City early Wednesday morning to spend New Years! I hope 
everyone had a happy and healthy Christmas! 

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