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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SoHo: Cómodo

Saturday morning, we had a delicious brunch with our friends Kristen and 
Mike at a fairly new restaurant in SoHo called Cómodo. I came across this new 
spot while I was doing some research for my parents trip. Yes, even a seven 
year veteran needs to do research for this city. 

I came across Refinery 29's The 17 Best Brunch Spots in NYC. Some restaurants 
I had been to, some were not right for this time and some I wrote down. 
After visiting all the websites for the restaurants I wrote down, Cómodo 
was the clear winner for multiple reasons including the simplicity and unusual 
menu and of course the location. 

As cold as the morning was, we walked from my apartment to SoHo working 
up a grand appetite. We arrived at the exact same time as Kristen and Mike 
and were the first to be seated for brunch. My initial reaction upon entry was 
the thought that I had been in this space before. Kristen had the exact same 
feeling and we both remembered that this space used to occupy a restaurant 
named Salt. 

We were seated along the South banquette wall of the restaurant at a nice little 
four top. The service was so wonderful, they even brought us over a little heater 
to keep warm as the door kept opening. The simplicity of the decor and rustic
 features were perfect and cozy. As a designer, I really appreciated the simplicity 
of the decor.  All of my favorite materials, wood, glass and metal, were used in 
someway or another. 

The menu, as simple as it was included many complex flavors. The menu was so 
original, I wanted to try everything.  Each dish had a twist, including their take 
on Latin American Eggs Benedict. From the starters to our main courses, everything 
was divine, flavorful and colorful. 

For starters, we shared the Pao de Queijo basket with Tomatillo Jam. I learned 
that Pao de Queijo is a Brazilian cheese bread, in the form of a roll. We also 
shared the Four C Chicharron which was a chipotle, chorizo, chuleta on toasted
 chihuahua cheese. All were devoured instantaneously and delicious. 

For our entrees, Kristen and my Mom both decided on the same dish, Poached 
Egg on a Pao de Queijo, with avacado and chipotle cream sauce and chorizo.

Mike and I had the same thing in mind and selected the Pork Belly Hash 
Cilantro Pasta Topped with a Poached Egg. Pasta for brunch? Why not! 

Finally, my dad chose the Braised Cochinita & Bacon Torta with Avocado, 
Mozzarella and Onions. Judging fromt he one bite I had, it was pretty fantastic!

Everything, from the quiet, calm and simple atmosphere to the complex and colorful flavors
and food, this place was fantastic. I would really like to come back for dinner soon. Wonderful
restaurant all around. 

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