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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fourteenth Floor Up: Completed

My apartment is finally, after almost six months, complete! The last couple of weeks I've been
tearing things apart, moving things around, trying new ideas and after all the intensive labor of
removing books, moving heavy furniture, replacing books, removing art, rehanging the art, building
 new furniture and finally, putting everything in its new place, accessories included, I am finally ready
 to show off my apartment. 

The one and only final thing to be done is to move the Living Room TV into the Bedroom, mount it
on the wall, and mount the new TV on the Living Room wall. But that can only happen when said
new TV arrives. Right now it's looking like late May. Until then, I'll live.

When I finally arrived home from Palm Beach late Saturday night, I decided I needed a vase to go to 
the right of my new Ikea cabinet. Sara and I headed to our favorite store, the West Elm in Dumbo, 
on Sunday morning. West Elm always has great sales and I just had a feeling I would find something 
suitable for this space. Of course, I was right and for only $10, I brought home this amazing two foot tall 
blue and white ceramic vase. 

I hung my Christmas present from Andy & Jennie, a photo of me and Andy hugging the day of 
their wedding, printed on a piece of wood slab. It is perfect. 

While at West Elm, something else exciting happened. They had my matching dresser, a floor sample,
 on sale. I mean really on sale. So, I did what everyone would do. I bought it, called a car service, and put
 it in my Bedroom right next to my other one. I know it looks a little funny now with the tiny TV. 
Eventually, when the new TV arrives, this one will go bye bye. For now, it works just fine.