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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fourteenth Floor Updates

Since I moved in and furnished the necessities, I've still had a few eye sores I cannot, for the life of me, 
get out of my head. One being, the Ikea bookcase I have my TV sitting on. My Dad, when I first 
moved in, told me when he came to visit he would hang my TV on the wall. As you can see... that 
did not happen. 

As organized as this bookcase is, it still looks like a complete mess (to me). Not to mention the 
ugly cable box and DVD player sitting on top because they do not fit inside the cabinet. Thus leaving 
it looking ugly, cluttered and unattractive.

On Sunday, with information that a friend was going to Ikea with her other friend who had
a car, I immediately jumped on that offer. But first, a phone call to my most trusted advisor, my Mother.
I had to ask her what she thought. After I explained what I wanted to do, her advice, why don't you try
 it out before making a decision. So, I did. 

I emptied the bookcase, and placed it in it's new location. The second step was to see which
direction I wanted to place it.

On it's side....

or upright...

In the end, I decided upright would be the best direction. 

I had to remove some pictures on the wall to make room for the bookcase thus leading me with the
next issue, finding wall space to relocate them.  The blank white wall in my Kitchen was starting to
look sad and almost begging for some art. 

I think it's the perfect spot. 

In the end, I decided moving the bookcase was a great decision. It make the apartment feel more
homey and cozy. I also do not have to stare at the ugly clutter while watching TV, which I do a lot
of these days. 

I still had one little problem...

I needed something fast. As great of a job my stool does, it obviously cannot stay like that for more
than a day or two. I fell in love with a metal and glass cabinet from West Elm however, for $1,700.00,
I knew it was a waste of my money. I also knew Ikea had to have something immediately. I hopped
 in the car with my friends and off to Ikea we went.

Immediately I fell in love with a lacquer and glass cabinet from their Besta line. To get myself even more
excited, the sales rep said I could customize it by color, texture and length. She said I could remove the
middle drawers and just use the end cabinets. It turned out to be the perfect fit for the space!

I even got to customize it by selected these awesome grey and black strie lacquer doors! 

I was so excited I was almost crying. When we finally made it through the maze of Ikea, with one 
quick stop to grab some Swedish meatballs, Chicken Strips and Mac & Cheese, it was time to 
pick up our boxes. I quickly found the doors, back painted glass top and went to find the cabinet. 
But where was it? Out of stock of course. My stool would have to hold out a few days longer.

I pouted all the way home. 

During a stock check, just to make sure there was not anything "in the back," they informed me that 
Tuesday (today), they would be receiving more stock. After work, I will be heading back out to Ikea
 to pick up the cabinet and put my beautiful new piece together. 

Fingers crossed it is an easy trip! I 
cannot wait to see my beautiful complete apartment tonight (hopefully)! And then hop on a plane
to Palm Beach at 6:30am tomorrow morning for a big three day installation. Do not worry friends, 
I already packed for the trip last night in preparation.   


  1. Loved this post. Nice to see the step by step problem AND transformation...Love the doors! Waiting to see the completed piece! Hurry up!Oh yes, and what ever happened to that diet? Swedish meatballs, Chicken Strips and Mac & Cheese? LOL