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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lower East Side: Beauty and Essex

Two weekends ago we went to brunch at Beauty and Essex to celebrate Kristen's birthday. The four 
of us had never been there before so it was exciting to try a new spot. I arrived fairly early, checked 
in and waited in the bar for the girls to arrive. 

My first thought when I entered this halfway secret restaurant/nightclub was how swanky it was. I 
had no idea this place even existed let alone it's swankiness (is that even a word?)! I mean we are 
talking two story crystal chandeliers and fur walls. 

When the girls arrived, we were seated instantly in the large dining room which was also very swanky. 
The server ran through the menu with us also notifying us that they serve family style, and we should all 
plan on sharing. None of us ever have a problem with sharing so we know we came to the perfect spot 
for brunch. 

We were all slack jawed when we opened the menu. Everything from the "accessories" to the desserts, 
yes they even had desserts after their Pumpkin Sconces with Cinnamon Butter, Red Velvet Waffles 
with Cream Cheese Icing, Vanilla Beignets with Raspberry jam and Apple Turnovers. 

After I ordered Lemon Blackberry Pancakes with Sweet Ricotta, I decided a savory side was necessary.

I decided an "accessory" was the perfect solution. I selected the Salt and Vinegar Fries. The perfect
 accent to the sweet centers pieces. 

Kristen ordered the Braised Short Rib 'Huevos Rancheros' with a sunny side up evv, black beans and 
cotija. Believe me, I had my eye on this one as well! Sara selected the traditional 'Eggs Benedict' wtih
 jamon serrano, and hollandaise sauce. 

Emma's second choice, after the Pumpkin Scones, was the Kale & Apple Salad with an apple
 cider vinaigrette, pancetta, candied pecans, and shaved goat cheese. It was large and in charge. 
Also, extremely flavorful and delicious. The perfect green to our fats. 

Apparently, I've been told, that during the night, free champagne is served in the ladies bathroom. Unfortunately, as we were only brunching, we did not receive any free champagne.  The birthday 
girl was only a little sad. I did snap some great shots of the antique perfume bottles in the woman's 
bathroom though!

This was the perfect location for a ladies brunch, friends gathering, or birthday celebration. The decor
was swanky, fancy and impressive. The food was impressively delicious with a wonderful selection
of sweet and savory items to share with your table. We had a fantastic celebration. 

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