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Friday, March 1, 2013

Adventures in Atlanta

 I arrived in Atlanta the night before my birthday. This was obviously planned so I could spend my
whole birthday in Atlanta and not deal with airlines and traveling which could quickly ruin a birthday. 

Oliver and Utah hit it off immediately.

Actually, Oliver and Utah didn't hit it off at all. Those photos were all staged. In fact, I'm pretty sure 
Oliver hates Utah but Utah loves him. No relationship could ever work that way. 

I woke up bright and early on my birthday. Ryan and I took the dogs for a nice walk around 
the neighborhood and then headed to Flying Biscuit, located in Midtown, for breakfast. On the drive 
there, It was my first time to actually see Atlanta during the daytime. The area where Ryan lives is one 
of the cutest, cleanest more adorable and perfect neighborhoods I have ever seen. I fell in love with it. 

Later in the afternoon, we packed the dogs in the car and  headed to Whole Foods to picked up 
some snacks for a picnic in Piedmont Park. For those of you who are not similar with Atlanta, it is 
centrally on the outskirts of Midtown.

Later that evening, Ryan had made reservations at Ecco which is also located in Midtown. Ecco is owned 
by the same company as another Italian restaurant Ryan likes. As they did not have any availability when 
he made the reservations, he found out Ecco did. Dinner was spectacular.

After a wonderful meat and cheese plate, I had a delicious Pappardelle pasta with braised pork, 
peppadew peppers and garlic. Ryan had the Spaghetti with smoked mussels, crab, trout roe, crème 
fraiche, herbs, and lemon. 

For dessert they had an Olive Oil and Sea Salt Ice Cream which was spectacular. I had ordered a 
Sticky Toffee Pudding, which was also fabulous, but ate almost all of Ryan's Ice Cream. 

The next morning, we had a quick breakfast at Rise and Dine in Emory Village. It was adorably quirky 
and looked like it was straight out of Pintrest. 

My breakfast tacos with sausage and side of quinoa grits were awesome. 

During breakfast, we decided to take the dogs on a hike at Stone Mountain. It was a quick and easy
 fifteen minute drive from Ryan's apartment and the dogs were frothing with excitement. Unfortunately, 
dogs were not allowed on the actual mountain, however, they were allowed on the trails. The weather was 
a perfect 65 degrees and there was no one around. 

After our hike, we headed back to clean up and head out shopping in the Virginia Highlands areas. 
There were so many cute shops, we had to go in them all. After working up enough of an appetite for
 a snack, we headed to Fontaines Oyster House for some snacks and drinks. 

Afterwards, we walked around and shopped more. Since it was my birthday and a birthday girl
always needs another black bag, I purchased this beautiful black with rose gold hardware Kooba bag.
Ryan also got me a Marc Jacobs rose gold bracelet. Yes, I still am obsessed with rose gold. I'ts two
years and counting now. Ryan's friend ended up meeting us later for dinner at a Sushi restaurant. 

The next day, Andy and Jennie drove in from Nashville. Because they did not want to have to stop a
bunch of times on the drive, they did not have their necessary morning coffee. They were both
walking zombies when they arrived so we immediately headed to grab some grub at The Varsity.
Everyone had talked about The Varsity so we decided to check it out.  

Wow, was this an experience. Try the largest fast food restaurant in the world mixed with a truck stop
type atmosphere....and the people to match.The guy in front of us in line recommended the chili cheese
dogs so we grabbed one of those as well as some burgers and a peach pie. When in Atlanta... It was
just OK. The chili cheese dog however was awesome.

After lunch, we headed to the largest aquarium in the world, the Georgia Aquarium. I must say, it was
pretty unbelieveable. Not only do they have about six different exhibits containing thousands of fish, they
also have multiple whale sharks, manta rays and beluga whales. The weather decided not to cooperate
and dropped about 30 degrees. Even though our smart planning of purchasing our tickets online, we still
had to stand outside in the freezing cold with the other hundreds of people who bought tickets for
the 3:00pm slot. We had a great time. 

That night I had requested Indian for dinner so Ryan made us a reso at a popular Indian Restaurant. 
Thank goodness for the reso or we would never have had a chance. It already took almost one and a 
half hours to get our food.

 It turned out we were in a little bit of a time crunch as Andy and Jennie had some friend in town and 
their band was playing that night just outside of Atlanta. They would know a band that just so happened
 to be in the town they were visiting for a night. Typical. So, after dinner we headed to Wild Bils in Duluth 
to see a band whose name I can never remember because it changes every time I hear about them. It
 has something to do with Black and Cadillac. We had fun...

 Sunday morning we headed out to West Atlanta for brunch. We were originally trying to eat at The
Optimist however, as it was Sunday, they were not open. After living in New York for almost seven
years, you forget the rest of the country is pretty much closed on Sundays. 

Quickly I googled 'Best Brunch in Atlanta' and I opened Daily Candy's link and we couldn't believe that
the first spot on that list was West Egg Cafe, a restaurant we just so happened to be driving by that
very second. So, we stopped, put our name on the list and went shopping until we were called. West
Egg Cafe is located in the West Provisions District in West Atlanta. It has a very industrial feel and
fantastic shopping. 

Brunch was ahhhmazing. I mean check this food out...

Challa French Toast with Fruit Compote.

Brunch Burger: Double Burger, Fried Egg, Cheese and Hollandaise Sauce. 

Fried Green Tomatoes.

Crab Cake Benedict.

Short Rib Hash

We came home to Utah and Oliver spooning. 


After we said our goodbyes to Andy and Jennie, we relaxed a little before heading to Atlantic Station to 
see a movie and get some dinner. I highly recommend Side Effects, it was a great and witty movie. 
We grabbed a quick dinner before heading home and passing out early.

Monday was my last day. We went to our favorite coffee shop, San Francisco Coffee, in Virginia
 Highlands, to grab some food and chai tea latte's, our favorite, before heading back to pack and
 relax before my flight. It was an exciting, eventful, and wonderful birthday weekend. Atlanta is fantastic. 
I really fell in love with that city. 

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  1. What a fabulous birthday weekend! Oli better get used to Utah ;)