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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dream Abode for Today

While catching up on my blog reading yesterday, I surprised myself. I came across this photo of a
Living Room, saw the fireplace and chandelier and moved on quickly. I stopped and backed up realizing
I was having this feeling that I missed something. I came back to this photo and broke it down, piece
by piece and realized how many pieces in this room I actually loved. Then, I looked at the photo as a
whole again. This time, I noticed that this room, with all the beautiful pieces, and some a little more
ornate, actually work really well together. The white palate allows for a calm and serene feel but the
 accents which are added are not over powering. It is simply a very beautiful room. 

I could not keep my eyes off of those amazing windows in the background. I cannot help but wonder 
what that view is.

Today, I came across this beautiful bedroom. There really isn't anything I do not like about this
bedroom, including the ceiling fan. How amazing is that three blade fan. It is so awesome, I had
 to pass it on to a friend who is in the search.

Finally, I am not one for dramatic marbles or stones however, this bathroom for some reason 
grabbed me. Maybe it's the sun from either a window or open space (which I highly doubt) in the 
sower, which wakes me up, or the simplistic design, but I really would love to take a shower 
in that bathroom.

I looked and looked for a Dining Room but I could not find something I loved as much as these other
room. I will find one and I will add it... soon. But for today I'm just going to imagine myself living in
this amazing home which I've perfectly put together for myself. Tomorrow, I'm sure I will have
found something else I love even more. 

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