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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NoLita Brunch: Balaboosta II

I've had brunch at Balaboosta about five or six times now and every time I visit, no matter brunch 
or dinner, I am always completely satisfied. My first visit to Balaboosta was with my Dad during one 
of his NYC trips. We invited a couple of my friends and had an amazing meal. Since then, I've taken
 my Mom, some out of town friends, and had delicious brunches with some locals. Unfortunately, as 
this brunch I'm about to show you happened to be almost a year ago, the menu might have 
changed from. However, that does not mean their current menu is any less delicious and I
 highly recommend visiting.  

Last year my coworker Jen and her husband Mathias and I scheduled a brunch date. Neither of them
had been to Balaboosta.  I immediately knew, with them being foodies as well, this was the right spot
for our brunch. We did it right and went all out including this colorful, fresh and healthy fruit plate!

Mathias selected the Brioche French Toast stuffed with cream cheese and a side of blackberry
coulis. Of course he shared with the two of us and we were both very thankful.It was gone quickly.  

I decided on the Green Scrambled Eggs. They were served with quinoa hash browns with a feta,
tomato and arugula salad. This marks the beginning of my quinoa obsession.

I believe Mathias also ordered a side of the Applewood Bacon!

Jen had the Grilled Breakfast Pizza. Their current menu says it is topped with caramelized onions,
grape tomatoes, jalepenos, kalamata olives, goat cheese and two sunny side up eggs. I cannot remember
if that was the same pizza we had or not but it does look awfully similar and sounds just as delicious.

If this doesn't make you want to have brunch at Balaboosta, then I don't know what would. But, I
can promise you that anything you have will be tremendous. I believe this is the third blog post I've
done about Balaboosta which makes this the most blogged about restaurant on fifth floor up!
Congrats Balaboosta! 

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