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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Overstock Ottoman

While I was home visiting my parents over the holidays, the biggest complaint was either 
not having anything comfortable to put your feet up on while watching TV or getting yelled 
at for having your feet up on the glass coffee table. After my dad expressing the fact that he
 would never spend anymore money on furniture for this house, I took it upon myself to solve 
this little issue. 

I started by searching for the perfect ottoman, without worrying about the price. This is how 
I work, I find the best, which is usually the most expensive, and go from there. Eventually,
 after searching all the normal websites, I visited Overstock. Not only did I find a great 
ottoman that fits what my parents wanted, it also had the price tag they were looking for. 

I slyly added the information about the ottoman I found in a random email also mentioning 
the fact I knew Dad did not want to spend anymore money on furniture for the house, but I 
also told them to give it thought. A couple weeks later, look what I got....

Ya, that's right, photos of their brand new ottoman from Overstock. We are all in love and I
have not even had the chance to test it out yet. The best part, it arrived while my Mom was
out of town so my Dad put it together all by himself. Props Dad! I'm so glad you guys love it!

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