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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DUMBO: Gran Electrica

I have a new favorite restaurant in town! Two weekends ago, my coworker Jen invited me to dinner with 
her and her husband. She informed me that when her Mother was in town, she did some research 
on restaurants in her Brooklyn neighborhood and came across Gran Electrica. They went for dinner
 that night and she came into the office the next morning talking about margaritas and guacamole. 

It was early on a Sunday, the restaurant was busy but not overly crowded. We were seated at a nice 
four top in the front room. Jen took the reins and ordered a full size of guacamole, the salsa sampler and 
a round of the cucumber margaritas. Since we pretty much filled up on the chips, guac and salsa, we
 shared the Flautas de Pollo and Carnitas. After the server told us they had churros with dulce de leche,
we had to try them.

The first thing that crossed my mind was the tortilla chips. You can almost tell right off the bat how amazing
a restaurant is by their bread, chips or any other carbohydrate. Their chips were not the flimsy greasy
kind. These babies were the real deal tortillas fried, baked or whatever the hell you do with amazing chips.
 I knew my Dad would instantly love them. 

The second life changing event was my first bite of guacamole. Flashbacks of my childhood growing up
in San Diego came roaring into my mouth. From five days old sleeping under the table, to visiting once a
year when I return, Alfonso's is and will always be my favorite Mexican restaurant. However, I can
officially say New York City now has some real Mexican food. Every taste bud on my tongue was
 dancing for joy. 

And then came the rolled tacos, Flautas de Pollo. Not only were they spectacular, they had the same
cheese, queso fresco and salsa verde as Roberto's in San Diego. I knew after I saw the chips, but once
I finished the guacamole and Flautas, my parents were going to die and visit heaven when they
tasted this food.  Then, I saw Carne Asada on the menu and officially died myself. I immediately made
a reservation for their visit the following weekend.

So, this past Friday, my parents and I went for an early dinner. We sat in the back room looking out
the back door to the garden. The weather was perfect. Nothing in life could have been better at
 that moment. After a couple Margarita de Toronja Picante, habanero-infused blanco tequila,
combier, lime juice, fresh grapefruit juice, jalapeno syrup, and spicy grapefruit salt, for my Dad,
 and a couple Margarita Electrica, blanco tequila, combier, lime, agave syrup and lime salt for my
Mom, we were celebrating the party in our mouths. 

We pretty much ordered the exact same thing I had the previous weekend, which I was ok with. To top
it off, we also added in the Carne Asada. We received the bill and my Dad blurted out, "I just had the
best meal of my life for $119.00." I am finally relived I now have an answer to a great Mexican restaurant
in New York City. It is also parent approved! 

Oh yeah... did I mention how amazing their back garden is? I'm in LOVE! 

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  1. I may move to NYC just so I can eat there on a regular basis :)