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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Parents Weekend

This past weekend, my parents came to visit. This was a spur of the moment Mother's Day weekend
trip. No reservations or itineraries were required. Just your everyday hanging out with your parents
like the old days.  Or so I thought...

Two weeks before their trip my Dad phoned to inform me he wanted to eat at Locanda Verde
Two weeks before their trip mind you. I pulled some strings and managed to get a reservation for 
Saturday night. Of course, after my amazing dinner with Jen and Mathias at Gran Electrica, a
second reservation was set in place. About an hour after I made the reso at Gran Electrica, I
received a "What's Happening this Weekend" email from my building. I knew I was in trouble
when I saw Fatty Cue in Williamsburg had reopened post construction. My Dad had been
asking me to take him there for almost two years. So, a third reservation went into play. 

Wait... what happened to our relaxing family weekend indulging in pizza, bagels, Cuban
sandwiches and falafels? It flew right out the window along with the pizza and Cuban
sandwiches. Not surprisingly,my parents were very much okay with our new plans. 

They arrived early on Thursday and met me for lunch. That evening, we had the first of our
three reservations. We headed over to Brooklyn Heights first as my parents had not seen the
 fabulous new Squibb Park Bridge from the Promenade down to the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

 After we walked the bridge, we headed through Brooklyn Bridge Park and back up Old Fulton Street
to Gran Electrica. As I have already dedicated a whole post on how amazing Gran Electrica is, I've
decided to just leave you with the amazing view we had from our table into their back garden.

After our delicious meal, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan. The sky was beautiful!

We headed up to SoHo for a little frozen treat at 16 Handles and then walked home.
It was a glorious evening.

Thankfully, I was able to take Friday off. We slept in and enjoyed our relaxing and lazy morning.
We headed out on foot towards breakfast which was of course, none other than Murray's Bagels.
One of the best ritual treats in my life. We headed north towards the High Line on this beautiful
morning. After all, my parents had not been in a couple of years and it was time for them to
revisit the ever growing elevated park. We made a pit stop in the Meat Packing District for
some much needed retail therapy. Actually, Theory just really missed me. Or was it, I just
really missed Theory?

Our Friday was turning out to be a great day. A little bagel, some shopping, High Lining, more
shopping, a little swimming and finally dinner. We dressed in our new clothes, and headed
out to Williamsburg for a little Korean BBQ at Fatty Cue.

During dinner, we made some new friends, chef friends, from London, and basically shared our entire meal.
We learned that one of our new London chef friends owns a BBQ restaurant in SoHo (London) and the
other a burger joint. After sharing photos of our favorite food, pets and places, continuous conversation
about food and the discovery that we all loved to ski, our new friends had to leave us to go meet friends
for dinner... wait? I guess when you're a chef and you're visiting another country, and have other chef
friends in that country, you're pretty much on an eating vacation. We said our goodbyes and headed out
to The Woods for a few more drinks followed by The Counting Room for a night cap. Let's just say,
we had a lot of fun and I might have felt it the next day.

On Saturday, it was overcast, as were we. Mom and I walked to Zucker's to get some better
than Oklahoma quality bagels, but definitely not as good as Murray's, and bring them back to a
surprisingly awake, with the bed made, Dad. After assessing the weather, we decided an
11:30am Great Gatsby sounded perfect. A bag of popcorn and an education on Jay Gatsby later
and we headed back out into this concrete jungle and back home for a nap. Locanda Verde was
calling, and nothing was going to ruin that night for us.

Of course Locanda Verde was spectacular. From my Dad's kale salad, Mom's beet salad to
my warm asparagus with egg and truffle oil, to our pasta entrees, we were all extremely happy.
Not to mention the lamp sliders and sheeps milk ricotta with sea salt and herbs crostini we munched
on in between courses.For dessert we shared the tiramisu and lemon tart. Thankfully the weather
 was nice out so we could stand up and walk home before getting back in bed, watching
Pitch Perfect, and passing out.

On Sunday, Mother's Day, we had a more relaxing day planned. Sara and Tucker came over for
brunch. I made challah French toast topped with berries which was requested by the Mother.
For Dad, I cheated a bit and reused some of the left over crostini and ricotta by heating the
crostini, adding ricotta, avacado and tomato slices and topping it off with an over easy egg.
I am pretty sure everyone was happy.

After brunch, we took the pups for a long walk from the South Street Seaport all the way around the tip
of Manhattan (Battery Park) and into Battery City and back home through Tribeca. After the long five
mile walk, Mom was ready for her Mother's Day relaxing while Dad, Sara and I headed back uptown
to Murray's Bagel to grab some grub for their in flight snack. After, we stopped at Bare Burger for a
late lunch. Well the girls ate burgers, Dad went with a salad.

After our lovely meaty lunch, we headed back to the apartment to bid my parents farewell. It was such a
fun weekend but I was exhausted and so were the pups. We spent the next hour napping. 

 After our naps, sixty laps in the pool and twenty in the sauna, I hit the pillows hard. What a weekend!


  1. What a fabulous weekend!! Glad everyone had fun! I want NOW!

  2. I'm exhausted just reading it! Your parents sure do get their money's worth when they visit you. :D