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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Calming Connecticut

Two weekends ago, Kristen and Mike invited Oliver and me to Mike's parents beach 
house in Connecticut. It just so happens this was the exact same weekend we visited 
last year. Of course I said yes. The best part of living in NYC is getting out of it for 
a weekend. 

We left Friday after work and arrive to a fully stocked fridge. For dinner we made 
a delicious steak salad and sat outside by the fire for hours until we were about to 
fall asleep. 

Saturday morning was beautiful. Oliver had me up bright and early. After his 
morning romp around the yard, we made a delicious steak and egg breakfast from the 
left over steak the night before and headed out to our reclining chairs to relax. 
The relaxation did not last long as Kristen got the urge to go kayaking and the next thing 
I knew we were on the hunt to find kayaks. Fortunately for us, a wonderful neighbor 
let us borrow hers. After almost a two hour excursion, we were sore, burnt and ready 
for a shower and snack. 

Later that evening, we headed over to Mike's uncles house for a back yard BBQ. 
The food was delicious! All of us might have pigged out a little. After all, we did 
workup an appetite kayaking. There was a hockey game on that evening. Apparently 
it was the finals, which I learned was not the actual finals but more like one of 
many final games. Kind of like every other sport but tennis and soccer, my two 
favorites. The boys had to watch so we headed back to the beach house, got cozy 
by the fire, obviously the girls backs were to the TV so the boys had prime viewing. 
We popped open a bottle of wine and had a nice relaxing long evening. 
So long I even was able to squeeze in a little nap....

Sunday morning was not as beautiful. The sky was overcast and gray.
After our late night we were ok with staying inside, putting some TV on and
eating a big breakfast. 

We were pretty lazy and ended up being lazy most of the day. We decided to head
back into the city around 3:00pm which gave us enough time to stop and grab
some sandwiches to go for the train ride back. We were all quiet and exhausted,
unlike the ride up. For such a relaxing calm weekend, that fresh air sure knows
how to work it.

Oliver and I slept very well that night. Thank you Kristen, Mike and Mike's family
for a wonderful weekend and gracious hospitality. 

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