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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

3th of July: Williamsburg

After our adventure out to Buschwick East Williamsburg, we decided to head into actual 
Williamsburg as Jennie and Andy had never been. We were already on a great adventure, 
so why not see how many places in Brooklyn we could visit in one day. 

It was humid and possibly about to rain, so with no where to go but inside, we decided to head
 "behind the dumpster" (inside joke) to The Meatball Shop on Bedford. I had my eye set 
on dessert, Andy and Jennie, the bathroom, but I knew once they realized my devious plan, 
they would join in. Well, my plan turned out even better than I expected. Instead of sharing 
a dessert, they wanted their own! 

I'll I am going to say is, we did gooood!  

We spent the next hour hopping in and out of cute boutique shops waiting for the rain to pass. 

We made ourselves hungry again...

Then we went home and did a little of this...

Later that evening, I had made a reservation at my new favorite restaurant in Dumbo, Gran Electrica.
Obviously I had to take the LA transplants to the best Mexican restaurant in NYC. I mean, it only
made sense. Of course we chowed down, filled ourselves up on chips and guacamole and left little
room for an actual meal. Surprisingly, we did quite well. 

After dinner, the rain had once again let up and the sky was magnificent. We took a little walk down
to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and snapped too many photos and vine videos. I am pretty sure there
are a couple with Jennie singing Empire Stat of Mind. 

We had to walk up the Squibb Park Bridge, as Andy had seen the photos from when the parents were
in town, and we tried to recreate the moment. As it was getting late, and threatening to rain again, sadly
we did not make the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. 

We sure had a wonderful day exploring Brooklyn!


  1. LOL. Way too many attempts on recreating your parents' "moment." NAILED IT? Nah. :))

  2. Must have the ice cream sandwich. Glad you guys had fun!!!

  3. Now *those* are some ice cream sandwiches! I'd go for the one on the far left.

    That photo with Oliver is precious. He really loves his mom! :)