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Monday, July 8, 2013

Buschwick Brooklyn: Roberta's

On Wednesday afternoon, after Andy and Jennie arrived in NYC, we decided to make a trek 
out to Brooklyn for some pizza. Roberta's, located in Buschwick, or what some people call 
East Williamsburg, is one of those places you have been wanting to try for years but for some 
reason never really found yourself in Buschwick, I mean East Williamsburg. So this time I made 
it my priority to be in East Williamsburg to finally check out Roberta's. 

Pretty much every single subway line is within a two to four block walking distance from my 
apartment which makes going anywhere pretty easy. One stop on the 4/5 train and another six 
or so on the L and we found ourselves three blocks from Roberta's. The place was not empty,
but not busy which leaves pretty much perfect. We were seated immediately, and our eyes
directly went to the pizza section on the menu. We were starving. 

We selected a starter salad, the Spring Greens, and two pies, the Famous Original, tomato,
mozzarella, caciocavallo, parmigiano and chili, and one which is not on their online menu.
I just remember it had an awesome meat and some spicy jalapenos. The salad was just ok.
Nothing very special and I swear, I didn't see or taste any fennel. 

The pizzas on the other hand were spectacular. Unbelievable. Beautiful. Pretty 
much the best pizza I had ever had except for the pizza I fell in love with in Rome. However, 
this was so close it was scary. It even had the naan textured crust. It was simply perfect. 

We ate every single slice but one, which made it home but did not last long. I am a little bummed 
Roberta's is as far away as it is but almost thankful as my diet would contain only pizza. This is 
definitely a must for the parents. I can't wait for them to visit! 

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