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Monday, August 12, 2013

80's Bachelorette Bash: Texas Edition

A couple weekends ago, on a Tuesday morning, after many months of constantly 
checking flights to Austin, TX, I made the last minute decision to purchase a ticket 
to fly down and surprise the bachelorette. When was the bachelorette party? 
Oh, in four days... was that last minute enough? 

Instead of flying directly into Austin, which was expensive and the flight times 
were not working with my busy schedule, I called up Shannon in Dallas and told 
her I was coming to her.  I took off Friday, had an easy connection through 
North Carolina, and arrived in Dallas all before noon! Spectacularly the weather 
was cooler in Dallas than it had been in NYC all week! Relief! Who would have 
thought I would find it in Dallas?

As I had not been to Dallas in almost a decade, Shannon gave me a little tour 
of the areas, different neighborhoods, favorite restaurants, bars, stores, and 
finally her beautiful apartment. We dropped off my bags and headed back out 
for lunch. She brought us to one of her favorite little lunch spots, Nick & Sam's 
Grill. We both had the delicious Quinoa salad. During lunch Shannon called 
Kylie and broke the news that she was having lunch with me because I was in 
Dallas! It had finally sunk in and we were all excited. 

After lunch, we went shopping for a gift and card. After a gift from Nothing but 
H2O, and a failed attempt at a card, we decided it was time to google sex shop. We were right!
We finally found something Kimi appropriate!

 We decided to go back and relax a little as we had a major weekend ahead of 
us. After multiple episodes of True Blood and Shameless, we decided working 
out was not in our agenda for the day.

Dan came home from work and we all decided we were hungry again. Dan has a 
favorite Mexican restaurant he thought would be fun for dinner. Chuy's, just a 
short drive from their apartment, is located in a great area filled with stores, 
restaurants and bars. It was so beautiful we got to enjoy dining outside. 
Shannon and I shared the fajitas which had some of the most amazing tortillas 
I'd ever had. It was delicious! We stopped at Wild About Harry's and grabbed 
an ice cream and waffle cone on the way back to the car to share for dessert. 

The next morning, before we hit the road to Austin, we stopped at Equinox for 
an early morning workout, shower, and a delicious and healthy breakfast wrap. 
Perfect start to guilty weekend to come. The drive to Austin was not that bad 
and we were lucky enough not to hit any traffic. Kylie, our coordinator at the 
scene of the party, told us to park up the hill and ring the doorbell. Shannon 
went first and Kimi was still with shock and excitement. Finally I jumped out 
from the side of the door and she screamed and ran over to us. We were so 
happy she was so surprised. 

The kitchen island was filled with food, snacks, sweets, fruit, pastries. 
Pretty much anything and everything you could think of. After a light lunch, 
we hit the pool, lounged around, got to chat and meet all of Kimi's new 
TX friends. 

Finally, the weekend had begun. After a strip tease class...

and some showers, we gussied ourselves up in 80's fashion, except us, the 
two late arrivals, and hit the downtown area of Austin. 

We had dinner reservations at Ranch 616 and apparently three other bachelorette 
parties had the same idea. At least we knew we were at the hot spot for the 
evening. We had a blast and Kimi had another wonderful surprise in her 
perfect bachelorette dessert...

After dinner, the girls had rented a trolly to drive us around downtown for 
the evening. That trolly saved our feet that night! This happens to be the 
same night I learned what Blurred Lines was... I might have been a little 
behind the times. 

Our first stop was Molotov West Sixth. After a couple rounds of shots and 
some dancing we headed out to the next stop of the evening. 

 We ended up stopping at Dogwood Austin for the longest portion of the 
evening. More shots, more dancing, more fun and new friends were made. 

 I cannot remember the name of the final bar of the evening, but we were not 
there for long. That part I remember. I also remember my feet being on fire. 
I could not wait to get back to the house and in bed..before 12:00am. Yes, that 
is how 30 year olds do a bachelorette party. Wild ones! 

The next morning, we were up bright and early to drive back to Dallas. We got 
back with just enough time for us to take a quick nap, an episode or two of 
Shameless, burgers at Jake's before dropping me back off at the airport 
48 hours later. 

The weekend was such a blast. We had an amazing time and I am so glad I made
the last minute decision to go. I would have regretted it forever. I love these
girls so much and am so glad I got to spend such an amazing weekend with them.


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  1. What a fun weekend!! Love the dessert ;) And, we have Chuy's in T-town-we must go when you come back! And, your hair looks awesome!! Glad Kimi was surprised! Congrats to her!