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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NoHo: Lafayette

My Mom flew in a couple of days earlier than my Dad so she could cheer me on for my 
first triathlon. She arrived last Thursday and for her early arrival, I decided to make a reservation 
at a nice restaurant. Actually, I did not think of making a reservation for us at all until my two 
coworkers were talking about where one of them should go to dinner with a friend that night. 
Better late than never I guess.

After one of them used their fancy connections to pull reservations for the other at the new 
hot spot Lafayette, I figured why not try for myself. I had heard great things from two different 
people already and the distance from my apartment to the restaurant was also flattering. Plus, it was 
me and Mom, dinner at 6:00pm is not considered lame. There must have been a reso available.   

I believe we snagged the last reso for 6:15pm that evening. Worked for me. It was a beautiful day
and we had already enjoyed a wonderful lunch in Central Park with Oliver so you could imagine
how happy we were when the hostess seated us outside at Lafayette. 

Mom and I decided to share a starter and after glancing at the menu she requested the Frisee Salad with
bacon maison, and a poached organic egg. A bread basket was delivered with amazing salted butter and
I knew after my first bite this dinner was going to be wonderful. The salad was delicious. For such a 
simple dish, the flavors were explosive and perfect together. For someone who purposely selects 
anything other than frisse, I have to say, frisse might have a new fan. 

We also decided to share an entree. We were stuck between the truffle ravioli special and the 
Lamb Chops Marocaine with whole wheat couscous and quinoa. In the end the Lamb won and we 
were not disappointed. Once again, the flavors were spectacular. (My stomach is growling now). 
The portion was a perfect portion for sharing without stuffing ourselves silly.

We also selected a side dish as we were sharing an entree. The server recommended the Heirloom 
Zucchini with basil as there are five different zucchinis presented. Once again, we were not 
disappointed in our selection.  

My Mom was in awe of the tiniest little clothespin she had ever seen. I have to admit it was pretty cute. 

We originally declined dessert but when we paid a visit to the ladies room before heading home, 
we noticed the strategically placed bakery just inside the front door drawing us in. It worked easily. 

The bakery was filled with all sorts of sweet treats and mouth watering baked goods.

It took us longer to decide what we wanted for dessert than it did to order our dinner. 

There were too many delicious treats on display we couldn't pick just one!

So we decided to go with a little mix of things. Mom had never had a macaron, to be 
confused with macaroon. We selected the blueberry and birthday cake and the wonderful patient 
baker helping us slipped one of the strawberry with pepper in as it was his favorite. My Mom's life 
changed right there on Lafayette and Bond walking back to the subway. 

You don't think that was all the dessert we indulged in did you? We saved the highly fattening desserts
for later while Sara was getting her butt kicked by our trainer Vinny. I was absent that evening as
my triathlon was in a couple of days and I was on break. We found the timing of us stuffing our
faces and Sara getting her butt kicked fitting. I'm not exactly sure what they were but they
were amazing. 

I am officially hungry and already thinking of how I am going to bring up the idea of lunch to my
coworkers before 11:00am. Maybe they will go for it... 

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  1. you need to post this after lunch when I'm not starving!! Looks delish!! I want all the desserts!!!