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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer in Sag Harbor

Last Thursday my parents left taking Oliver and Sara's pooch Tucker with them. Typically when 
they leave, it is not so bad because I have my little guy to cuddle and love on. This time, woah, 
way different. And not good different. I was miserable. Everyone who loves me up and left me 
alone in this big bad city. I do not recommend it. 

I happened to express my depressive state to my coworker Jen who saved me by inviting me 
out to her house in Sag Harbor for the weekend. I quickly went from thinking how depressing 
my apartment would be when I got home to what should I pack? Pretty normal thought process. 

Friday night I stayed in, ordered Indian food, caught up on my DVRed shows from the past 
week, and packed my bags. Jen requested I bring my bike for the weekend so I packed all
my gear up, wrapped the bike in bubble wrap to protect it from sliding around under the bus
and went to bed dreaming of cycling along the beach. 

The following morning I woke bright and early, hopped in the shower, grabbed an apple, and
headed to the Hampton Jitney stop. I arrived shortly after the bus had and I was able to hop
right on. As I sat there staring out the window I realized this was my first time, in the seven years 
I had lived in New York City, that I would be staying at Jen's house during the summer. Typically
I visit after Labor Day Weekend for the fall festivities. My favorite time of the year out in the 
Hamptons. Plus, it is less crowded, and more relaxing. 

I arrived exactly on time at 10:15am and Jen and Mathias drove up right as I was exiting the bus.
We piled my bike and bag into the car, along with ourselves and headed to the nearest spot
for some breakfast. The weather could not have been more perfect. Fairway restaurant is 
located within Poxabogue Golf Center. The driving range and putting greens surround the back
dining terrace where we were seated. We took our time eating and enjoying the beautiful 
weather before heading back to the house. 

We let the day plan out itself. We did not want anything tying us down, or stressing us out.
We spent the early afternoon running around Sag Harbor, enjoying Big Olaf ice cream, taking
a walk around the harbor, picking up groceries for grilling that evening, including a visit to the
local cheese shop, Cavaniola's Groumet, where we tasted some amazing cheese, visiting the local 
farmer stands for fresh  vegetables and lastly picking up a bottle of wine for dinner. 

Later that afternoon we drove out to Montauk to visit our favorite local shop, Share with Montauk,
where I picked up a new bottle of my perfume,  followed by a nice long walk on the Montauk beach.  
It was the perfect time of day. That time where everyone else is leaving, the beaches are emptying, 
and the sun is slowly starting to set. 

We took the long way home, as close to the shore as possible, to enjoy the view, mansions and
beautiful scenery.  The landscapes and colors were magnificent. We kept the windows down the
whole way breathing in that fresh country air. 

We relaxed around the back yard for awhile before starting to prepare dinner. 

We started with our beautiful cheese plate under the pergola overflowing with beautiful wisteria by candle 
lite and a glass of wine. The sun was starting to set and the way the light hit the tress allowed a light glow.

While Mathias took over the grill, Jen started slicing and dicing the heirloom and baby grape tomatoes. 
The colors of the fresh vegetables was breathtaking. She tossed the tomatoes in a marinated feta, which
Jen mentioned was so good it was like crack feta. Mathias grilled his marinated chicken perfectly. 
Along with the farm fresh sweet corn on the cobb which we shucked while cheesing, dinner was served. 
We spent the rest of the evening polishing off the bottle of wine while sitting outside under the pergola
talking about life, love and adventure. 

Sunday morning I woke up later than expected. I finally slept in past 8:00am. With my tea kettle and brand
new iPad mini I made my way out to the backyard to enjoy a quiet morning with my current book. 

I was pretty content. I mean, who wouldn't be when you're here....?

Mathias cooked us breakfast and we ate outside. The weather was a little warmer than the previous day but it was still wonderful. 

We were so content, and lazy, we decided to forgo the bike ride and drive to the beach.
We spent the morning walking and enjoying the beach. When we felt we worked off
enough calories, we headed to our favorite bakery, Levain's for some indulging.
We each got our own walnut chocolate chip cookie and headed back to the house to
start laundry, cleaning and packing up to head back to the city. Jen and Mathias let me
leave my bike out there for my return trip in September. 

The drive back to the city was relaxing and quiet. Manhattan welcomed us well this this
amazingly beautiful sunset. It felt good to be home. 

Thank you Jen and Mathias for a lovely weekend! 

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! The pictures are beautiful! I want all the food too! haha. And no picture of the cookie???