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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fredericksburg, TX: Kimberly & Nikolaus' Wedding

On Friday, September 13th, I arrived back in New York City around noon. Amazingly, one of our 
new friends from the Palau trip was able to drop us of at home. So Thankful! I immediately threw 
open my suitcases and dumped all of the contents all over the floor in my apartment and started 
sorting the laundry. Even if it was not worn, it got washed. Two weeks in that humid climate and 
everything was to be cleaned. 

After I threw the third load into the dryer, I had plans to meet my dear friend, who was also nine 
months pregnant with her first kid, at the salon to get mani/pedis. Something had to be done
with these flimsy, chipped but long nails I was sporting. Not to mention the missing toenail on my right
foot. I blame Vinny and the kickboxing. It was nice to get pampered and catch up with a friend.

My ankles and feet were extremely swollen from all of the traveling so Jesse dragged me back to her
apartment and forced a cucumber, strawberry, almond milk and honey smoothie down me. I'm not going
to lie, it wasn't that bad. She sent me packing with a Tupperware of Epsom salt to soak in later if the
swelling had not subsided.  

After folding and putting away all of my laundry, I pulled out my smaller suitcase and started packing for
my next adventure in Fredericksburg, Texas. It was time to celebrate Kimi's big day! Kimi and I have
known each other since sixth grade. We did not become best friends until high school but I do love the 
fact that we have known each other for much longer. After high school, Kimi and I ended up at rival
schools, OU and OSU. Thankfully, that rivalry did not affect our friendship. 

In 2011 the best friends decided to do yearly to keep in touch. For my birthday in February of 2011, 
Kimi came to visit me in NYC for a long weekend. All three days of our adventures were documented 
on my blog: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3. The trip was such a success, I ended up summarizing our trip in one 
blog post that to this day, is my number one most read post: 25 First Time Visiting NYC Rules.  

During the summer of 2011 Kylie, Shannon and I visited Kimi in Austin. That trip was fantastic. I can
not believe how much we fit into one fun filled weekend. It was so great to see my best friends and 
where they were in life, which turned out to be exactly where I was. We all had strong careers, 
great apartments, awesome families, were happy and fortunate enough to be able to travel to do 
these best friend trips.  No wonder we are such great friends. 

We all happened to be in Tulsa during Christmas of 2012 and decided to get together to meet Kimi's
new boyfriend. Well, he was new to me and Shannon. Kylie already had the pleasure of meeting Nick
quite a few times. The night was cut short when my plane was delayed however I did get the chance
to meet Nick and find out he had the ring in his pocket and was planning to propose!

Next thing I knew, it was February again and I received a text from Kimi that she was engaged and 
would I be a bridesmaid in her wedding later that year. Obviously I said of course! Then the emails
and invites started rolling in. I was not sure, as I had already planned a trip to Palau, if I would have
the funds to make it to the Bachelorette party in July but at the last minute, I decided I must go. I
would regret it forever if I didn't. So, I flew into Dallas, Shannon picked me up and we were on
our way to Austin to surprise Kimi for her 80's themed Bachelorette Party

The next couple of months flew by and before I knew it I was on the subway heading to JFK to fly
back to Austin for Kimi's wedding. Megan, another one of the bridesmaids, picked me up from the
Austin airport and we headed to Fredericksburg where all of the festivities were beginning. We had
to get all primped and proper immediately for the rehearsal. We met all of the other bridesmaids at
the wedding location, in the unbearable heat. Fortunatly, we were still able to catch quite a few cute

After the rehearsal, and before we headed to the rehearsal dinner, we had time to snap just a few
more photos with the bride. We had way too much fun, obviously, and were late for the dinner but,
 it was all worth it in the end! 

After being served an amazing BBQ dinner by one of Kimi's old bosses, the bridesmaids hit the town
of Fredericksburg for some trouble! I did not last long and decided I was in need of some sleep if I was
going to be able to make it through the next day, the wedding day. Around 11:00pm, I took a nice long
hot tub, drank some hot tea and drifted off to sleep. I woke up twice in the middle of the night, the first 
around 2:35am shocked that Kylie was not yet in the room and at 4:30am when she came in. I was
then again very glad with my initial decision to get a good nights sleep. 

The next morning I was up bright and early. I headed to the nearby bakery and got a nice omelette and
hot tea while I checked in with friends and family. It was a nice relaxing morning and I knew it was not
going to last much longer. I was right! I headed to the Nimitz Museum where I found Kimi's parents
starting to set up the reception hall. I immediately dove in and started helping them out. After an hour,
Kimi's sister and I headed back to the hotel to shower, and get in our hair and make up ready outfits, 
and headed back over to the museum to get the girly things underway. 

After multiple hours of hair and makeup, we donned our dresses, heels and bouquets and headed 
outside for photos. Thanks to Shannon for the pre-wedding photos! 

Finally, it was time for the wedding to being. The beautiful bride walked down the aisle to 
the piano instrumental version of A Thousand Years. I cried. 

After the wedding and photos, we had our own mini photo shoot with our friends. 

Followed by the reception which was just inside from where the wedding ceremony took place.
We were starving from all the excitement and thankfully, once we were all announced, they started 
serving dinner with our table first! Finally first to eat! Dinner was delicious. But what was even more
amazing were the hundreds of cake balls Kylie's mother made. Holy s*** were those things 
out of this world. I might have had five. In my offence, they are small round balls, so five is most
likely the equivalent to one piece of cake. I am still not sure which one I liked best. Red velvet, 
lemon or butter shot. Unfortunately, I was so torn between those three I did not even have the 
chance, or room in my stomach, to try the yellow cake. They were so freaking unbelievable I died
and went to fat kid heaven all five times.

It was an unforgettable evening. I could not have asked for more. I was surrounded by my three best 
friends,the weather cooperated and was perfect, with not much humidity, or I could not tell from all 
the hairspray I had in my hair, the food was great, the dance was fun but most of all, I was so happy. 

We finally lined up and blew bubbles as they exited towards their car. Most of the wedding party and guests
hit the town again. However, Shannon and I headed back to the hotel where we got in our PJ's, cuddled up
and caught up on the past couple of months. 

I miss my friends so much already. They really are an important part of my life. They keep me in line, on my
toes and loved. Thankfully, it will not be too long until we reunite. I hear a New Years Even in NYC this
year might be happening. I cannot wait! 2014 is going to be the best year yet! You only turn 30 once!

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  1. Gorgeous bride! I love the throw back pics!!! Sounds like a beautiful wedding! And holy shit, I love cake balls too!! haha.