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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yorktown Heights, NY: Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm

Last weekend Kristen invited me to go upstate apple picking with her and one of her hometown
high school friends and her group of friends. That morning, everything in life was testing me, and I
was trying not to lose it. Finally, when my key got caught in my door and bent completely, I almost
lost it. It was one of those days. I was so thankful I was about to hop on a train and get out of the
city for a couple of hours.

I met all of the girls at Grand Central and before we boarded the train they had one thing on their
mind, wine. Thankfully, there was a very nice wine store centrally located within Grand Central,
which none of us knew about. After my trying morning, I pitched in on a bottle of rose with Kristen
and we headed upstate!

The hour train ride went by so quickly, we did not even have enough time to polish off our bottle
of rose.As Kristen and I had never been on particular apple picking adventure, we let the other girls
lead the way.Thankfully, they were there last year and knew exactly what to do. We hopped in a
cab and told our driver follow the other cab!

Our first stop of the day was at the New Croton Dam. The girls had made this discovery last year
when they had a great cab driver who wanted to show them. The point of this stop was to recreate
a photo they had taken last year in the same exact spot.

It really was a beautiful site. We even got to recreate their photo. As we were walking back to the 
cab, a gush of wind caused the leaves to start falling from the trees. Fall had arrived and we were 
all thrilled beyond belief and extremely excited about wearing boots, sweaters and scarves! 

Our cab driver, who was well educated on this dam, gave us the history, which sounded quite impressive.
If only I could remember what he told us!

When we arrived to Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm, our first stop, well our first stop was the bathroom, but our
real first stop was this awesome photo. Do we not look totally excited!

We spent over an hour playing in the orchard, picking apples, taking photos (as you can very well see) and 
eating apples. I am pretty sure I tried one of each. The best part about this trip was these girls were so on
top of their photo taking, I did not even have to use mine once! It was awesome! 

After the orchard, we headed to see the Christmas trees. They were beautiful and smelled of Christmas.
We wanted to take one home right then and there!

We called for the cab to take us back to the train station but as we were no longer in NYC, there was a
little bit of a wait. We indulged and visited the bakery. After a dozen apple cider donuts were finished off,
you have to remember there were seven of us, we headed to the gift shop to browse around until the cab
had arrived. 

All of us fell asleep on the train ride back to the city. We were exhausted from all the fresh air.
It is something we are not that used to here in NYC. But it is so wonderful to get out and enjoy 
nature. It really was a wonderful day. One I am hoping to recreate myself soon! 

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  1. The damn is beautiful!! Love all the pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time!! So fun!