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Friday, October 4, 2013

East Village: Picnic

 This Wednesday, Kristen, Sara and I decided to get together for dinner. Between the two of us, Sara 
and I had been traveling all over the world and are now finally settling down and getting our lives back 
to normal. Dinner with the girls was much need and we were all excited to catch up on each others 
travels, Kristen's wedding details, and our next endeavors. 

My building sends weekly emails with the city's new restaurants and this email conveniently arrived 
as we were discussing plans on where we shall dine. The highlighted restaurant for the week was 
Picnic, located in the East Village. Picnic highlights the chefs Midwestern roots and brings a refined 
feel to your American favorites such as pulled pork sandwiches and a fat juicy cheeseburger. I threw 
the idea out to the girls who all agreed it looked cute (huge deal) and delicious. Plus, it was priced 
nicely and is located in a great neighborhood for our casual catch up.  

After two weeks of such beautiful fall weather, many New Yorkers had already switched over their 
Summer wardrobe to Winter, we were sprung with an unwelcome hot week. None of us were 
prepared for the 80 degree weather we were again experiencing. We had kissed Summer goodbye 
and welcomed Fall with big wide open arms. I am telling you, your average female was already 
outfitting themselves with tall boots, over sized sweaters, scarves and designer coffee (pumpkin 
spice lattes for me) in hand. 

When the three of us arrived at Picnic, we were all relieved to see the other just as sweaty and hot.
Thankfully, the AC was on full blast so the banquette table by the fully open front of the restaurant
did not seem to bother us too much. We were all glad to finally be able to sit down and chug a 
gallon of water.  

The interior was adorably rustic, or as some would call shabby chic with an industrial feel. The 
dark rustic wood paneled walls were a beautiful contrast to the light honey colored wood floors.
I loved all of the antique metal furniture throughout. 

We started the evening with an order of the meatballs to share. They were the perfect little starter
to hold us over for our entrees. Halfway into our glasses of pinot, our food arrived. Kristen and
Sara both had the pulled pork sandwich. Sara selected the baked beans for her side where Kristen
had the broccoli salad. You cannot forget about the pickle on the side which all three of us ate first!

I chose the burger. It had been awhile since I had treated myself to a burger and decided it was time. 
I selected the shoe string french fries as my side. The burger was delicious and huge! I could not finish
the whole thing. There were also huge pickle slices on the burger which was awesome. I do love me
some pickles! 

Picnic is cash only, which all three of us happened to miss on the menu, however, they conveniently have 
an ATM in the back of the restaurant. I am glad we tried a new restaurant. Another one checked off the
list! Where should we go next?  

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  1. Looks delish! I love all the fun places you get to eat!!!