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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fourteenth Floor Up: Desk Lamp

On Sunday, Oliver and I met Sara for a little walking and shopping in DUMBO. Sara needed a 
few things and I needed absolutely nothing.  I figured I should tag along. After Sara's purchases 
and a nice walk along the Brooklyn Bridge Park she dragged (by dragged I mean mentioned we 
should go and I agreed) me to West Elm, our all time favorite store. 

Big mistake. 

Neither of us can go into West Elm and come out empty handed. We have issues. They are called 
West Elm issues and we should probably join a 'West Elm Support Group for Spending too Much 
Money on Furnishing Your NYC Apartment That is Already Fully Furnished'. But really, is your
apartment really fully furnished? Maybe, but there is always the option to upgrade anything and 
everything right? I think so. 

This is why I decided, after falling in love with a desk lamp, that my current very nice and most 
likely expensive hand me down from my parents was not good enough anymore.  I mean, it was 
brass with a yellowed glass shade. I needed something shiny and new. 

Fortunately for me, West Elm just so happened to be having a sale on all of their lighting that 
beautiful Sunday. I caved, easily, and bought the lamp. I knew from the moment I saw it that
it was going to be mine. Plus, does it not look fabulous on the desk in my bedroom!

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