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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Siblings in the City

I have been sick for over ten days now. Last Saturday I woke up unable to speak my throat hurt
so bad. I quickly picked up meds and matzo ball soup. The only thing I had on my mind was I
had to get better before my brother came into town the next Saturday. I had one week, I could 
do it. I was pretty lazy last week and tried to get a lot of sleep. By Friday I was feeling much 
better. I took it easy on Friday night with a Shake Shack burger and Bad Grandpa. 

On Saturday morning, after waking up a bit, I was starting to feel much better. Thank goodness!
Andy arrived and I went with him to Irving Plaza for load in and sound check. It was great to 
see these guys! It had been too long! 

Later that evening we met some of my other friends at the Cellar at Beecher's Handmade Cheese 
for dinner. Sara had selected the restaurant and instructed us to meet her there. The place was
perfect and best of all, still serving happy hour. I believe we ordered our entire meal off of the
happy hour menu but one dish. I loved the basement feel with the industrial lighting and real 
candles lighting up the dark corners.

You cannot go to dinner with me without a group photo! 

All of us had a blast watching Satellite. It might have been because of those fireball shots someone made
us all take, twice! 

The guys were great! Their best show on this tour yet. But, I might be a little biased. 

The following day, I made the kid some breakfast and we relaxed with Oliver and Homeland. 

My good friend Jesselyn came over with her five week old baby boy. Andy got in a little practice!

I took Andy shopping for his birthday. We found a great pair of Ben Sherman shoes he had 
to have! After shopping we met Monty to see Gravity at IMAX 3D. This was my first IMAX
3D movie. It was pretty awesome and intense. We met up with the rest of the boys for dinner.
Unfortunately, The Meatball Shop was a two hour wait so I decided Ditch Plains was the next
best option. All of the guys agreed once I told them my favorite item on the menu... 

Yup, that is indeed a Hebrew National hotdog smothered in mac and cheese and sloppy joe.

The server was so awesome, he gave us all free s'mores for dessert! We all needed to be rolled
home after that meal! 

 Yesterday I had to work so I did not get to hang out much during the day. Later that afternoon I met
Andy in SoHo for a little more shopping and a drink at Plan B with Tess. We had dinner plans later
that evening and had to make our shopping spree a quick one. 

We met the whole gang at Old Homestead in the Meatpacking District for dinner. As we had such 
a large party, we were seated in the private room. We decided it was a good idea to celebrate 
Maureen and Andy's birthdays since it is only two weeks away and we were not sure when we 
would see each other again.Everyone was pretty happy with the two dessert plates with three 
pieces of cake on each. Again, we needed to be rolled out of the restaurant. 

The party animals decided we were not done for the evening. I took them to the best possible
place I could think of for Oklahoma visitors, the Patriot Saloon. Monty set up some tunes on
the jukebox and ordered a round of Patron and the night had just begun! 

Sadly we eventually had to say goodbye. It was such a great weekend. I miss them already! 

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  1. What a fabulous weekend!! You need to post the seafood tower so I can gaze at it from time to time! haha. Glad everyone had fun!!