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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tulsa: Pooches Pickup

Last weekend, Sara and I flew to Tulsa to pick up our pooches. My parents had been graciously
watching them for us while we traveled the world. After almost missing our flight, for chatting 
with some friends we happened to run into, we boarded the plane to head to Tulsa. Not so fast, of 
course there was an hour delay where we got to sit impatiently and sweat. Finally, we arrived where
the humidity greeted us with frizzy hair. 

My mom took Sara and me around the corner to a new bar called Hodges Bend for a night cap. 
It was already midnight and we were exhausted so we did not end up staying too long. The next 
day, we lounged around all morning with the dogs. I have proof..

Shannon arrived and we headed out to wander around downtown. So much had changed in the last 
nine months. I had not been home since Christmas, oops, and it was great to see how much downtown
Tulsa is booming. After a delicious lunch at Laffa, a new Medi-Eastern restaurant on the corner of 
North Main and West Brady, we headed down Brady to Guthrie Green. We spent some time walking
around the new park and then headed to the Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa Hardesty Arts

My dad was eager to show us the design for the $150 million park recently approved along Riverside. 
This park is designed by the same architect who designed the Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo and 
Brooklyn Heights.  The model was brilliant and got all of us, even though we did not live in Tulsa, 
excited! All we could ask was when does it start and when will it be finished! We want to see it now!

A Gather Place, funded by Public Input (YOU), MVVA and George Kaiser Family Foundation,
will start breaking ground Summer 2014 and is expected to be completed by early 2017.  The 
renderings from their website, which I have below, are too cool not to share. This gives me a 
couple of more years in NYC before I need to move back to Tulsa. This is good news, as I just
signed another two year lease on my apartment! Perfect timing if I do say so myself! 

Since Tulsa is getting cooler and cooler by the month, I need to stress how awesome downtown is
becoming. There are so many more restaurants, hotels, apartments, bars, stores and museums than
I ever imagined. It really is amazing that my parents just so happen to live right in the middle of it all. 

Speaking of my parents and living right in the middle of the coolest places in Tulsa, the lot next door
to their home has been purchased and they are tearing down the old dilapidated building which was
about to fall over any second. Thankfully, no ten story apartment building or commercial space is
going in. Just a brand spanking new parking lot to the renovated commercial building behind them!
This means no one will ever be peaking into their yard and to top it all of, this secure gated parking 
lot will be pretty, landscaped and all! 

Yesterday, they started demolition and I got a series of photographs from my parents throughout
the day. On the left side of the image you can see a white wall. This is the wall that is coming down.



The building is still not all of the way down but you can tell the vast improvement on the Tulsa skyline
already! They cannot wait for the other half of the white building on the left to be removed completely!

I mean, that view...I could hang out there all night. 

They will most likely finish the demolition today and I am sure to get a new update tonight. I am excited!

Back to the weekend...

After our little tour of downtown, everyone was in need of a nap. You know, since walking around is 
so tiring and we are all so out of shape... We had a big evening planned and needed to rest up. 
People were expecting me to actually go out tonight so I really needed to rest up. 

That evening we had reservations at our favorite restaurant on Brookside, In The Raw. This is a family 
tradition (Mary, Bryan, Shannon and Sara are all family) and we were looking forward to our favorites.
The men were very excited to be dining with such a lovely group of women that evening. They should
be so lucky! 

After dinner, we headed back to Hodges Bend where we had a few drinks before heading out to 
meet some more friends in the Brady District. We closed the bars that night. Tulsa bars only stay 
open until 2am, which I can handle. NYC and this whole 4am thing, not so much! 

Sunday we were pretty much shot. Look at what staying out late does to us as we get older! We
can't handle it! We spent most of the morning sitting outside with the dogs, listening to music and 
relaxing. It really was a beautiful day and we were enjoying every minute of it. 

For lunch, we met Mary, Bryan, Reese, and Judy at India Palace for a delicious all you can eat lunch. 
It just so happened our friend Shane was in town from NYC and he joined us. It was great to get all
of my favorite people together eating Indian food. Maybe the world would be a more peaceful
place if more people got together and ate Indian food. I think so. It really is that good. 

We parted ways full and happy and decided we all needed another nap. When I woke up I realized 
everyone else was still napping so Oliver and I headed out to meet our dear friend Terah at Guthrie
Green Park for a Sunday afternoon concert. It was a beautiful sunny day and the park was packed!

After we visited for awhile, we headed back home to see what the rest of the crew was doing. 
Apparently I didn't miss much as they were all still where I left them. We decided to turn on the
hot tub, open a bottle of red, order a pizza, turn on the music and be lazy for the rest of the 
evening. After all, we did have to be up at 4:15am to catch our flight back to NYC, work
all day and possibly take a spin class. Yes, we are crazy but that is why we live in NYC.

 The next morning we left. The dogs were very well behaved. 

And Tucker was very goofy, although in his defense, he was drugged...

It was such a great weekend in Tulsa. I am looking forward to going home for the holidays!

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  1. So glad you guys came!! It was so good seeing you!!! I cannot wait until the riverpark rennovations are done! And yes, perfect time for you to move back to Tulsa!! Reese loved seeing Aunt Lexi, so you need to visit more. And of course, Indian food at India Palace could solve most, if not all, world problems...