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Friday, October 18, 2013

Upper West Side: Jacob's Pickles

Last night I ventured to the Upper West Side for a lovely belated birthday dinner for two of my 
dear friends, Silvia and Helen. Silvia, Jen and Helen live in the UWS and it made sense to select a 
restaurant in the UWS there for their birthday dinner. 

When we were first discussing dinner plans, I asked Kristen, who always knows everything about 
anything in regards to new restaurants, if she knew of any awesome new spots in the UWS. Her 
first suggestion was Jacob's Pickles. It took me five maybe five seconds of looking at the menu 
before forwarding the website to the girls. Who doesn't love some delicious fattening modernized 
comfort food? Immediately Silvia responded that she had been there and she loves it. Helen and 
Jen agreed and we were set on a location. 

Our staggered arrival allowed me to put our name on the list, as there were no reservation spots
available within the next 30 days, before the other girls arrived. We still had to wait a good forty 
five minutes until our table was ready but we were glad we passed on the communal table. 
We were seated in the back of the restaurant, at a quiet four top in a corner away from the
louder parties. The last time the four of us had gotten together was March and we were due
for some catching up. 

Our server was wonderful. She was patient, and very attentive. We were slow to place our order as we
were chatting away. Finally, after our hundred questions about the menu, we were ready to eat. The food
did take a little time to come out but as I had previously mentioned, we really did not care one bit. We
were just so glad to catch up with each other. 

Jen and I both ordered the Pickles & Cheese Burger with a two year aged Vermont cheddar, hot relish
mayo, caramelized onions, hot sours and a side of fresh cut french fries. I was going to try to be good 
and get a side salad however, I was easily convinced otherwise. The burger was fanfreakintastic. As a
pickle lover, the pickles on top really sealed the deal for me. I even have half of it left over for dinner 
tonight. I am very much looking forward to getting my butt kicked during our workout this evening so I 
can indulge without shame.

There was no way I was going to venture all the way up to the Upper West Side and eat a salad. I had
to make this dinner worth the trip. So, why not add a side of macaroni and cheese for the table? 
Everyone else thought it was a wonderful idea as well. I will mention that the side of mac and cheese
could absolutely have been a full order. It was huge! 

After begging Silvia to try something other than a salad, she agreed to the Catfish Tacos with farm raised
catfish, lime crema, cilantro slaw, cebollines with fresh lime and kosher salt. The presentation of her tacos
was beautiful. She apparently loved them as well as they were all gone. 

Helen did not listen to me when I begged no salads and selected the Grilled Salmon Salad with baby
greens, sliced oranges, shallots, cilantro and a light orange vinaigrette. She said it was delicious and
the portion of salmon was very large. 

As we were celebrating two birthdays, a dessert was more than needed. I snuck away for a "bathroom
break" and placed a secret order for the table. She recommended the burbon bread pudding and also
mentioned fried oreos. I immediately chose the bread pudding as it is my all time favorite dessert. 
What can I say, I had to. And, I'm pretty sure the girls were absolutely find with it as well because 
when it showed up to the table, we were all in shock. 

You cannot really tell from the photo, but that was one huge dessert. The skillet itself was 
definitely not a small skillet, more on the medium side and those scoops of ice cream, definitely not 
your typical small two scoops of ice cream. More like, gigantic scoops of ice cream. We did
a great job taking that baby out. Just good enough where there was not enough for someone to
take home with them. We all decided it would be a great idea if we walked home. 
Unfortunately for me, that was not an option so Silvia walked me to the subway.   


Jacob's PIckles was fantastic. Thankfully because we shared a few things, I got to taste more of the menu
than I expected.. Everything was delicious. There is still one yummy looking biscuit sandwich I have my eye
on. Does this mean I will be making it back up to the Upper West Side soon? We will see! I might just
have to make an appearance!

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  1. How dare you post mac n cheese that looks like that!!! That place looks yummy! And, OMG, the dessert!!!! Wish I had a spoon for that too!! Happy Birthday Sylvia!