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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Canadian Contemporary

 I came across this little gem tucked away on the ground floor apartment in Montreal designed 
by the Canadian designer Anne Sophie Goneau. She is quoted in Deezen Magazine saying 
"The concept was to highlight the raw materials discovered during the demolition, in order 
to communicate their material, their relief and colour environment. 

After reading this, statement, you can see the use of concept throughout the entire space. 
For most people, it might be a little too cold but for me, It is perfect. The use of materials and 
elementsworks for me. Plus, we all know my love for exposed brick walls, reclaimed wood and 
oversize windows! 

Architecturally, the space is designed  to fit the space exactly the way I would have done it. 
Of course, aesthetically, there are changes I would make, but the blank slate, materials and 
layout is very much me. 

Although, I must say, either that TV is too small or it should not be there. I can see an amazing
piece of modern art to make that wall really show it's true colors. 

There are no words to describe how amazing this window is.