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Monday, November 25, 2013

Chinatown: Pulqueria

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of dining at a restaurant I had no idea even existed in 
this amazing city.We were headed to a restaurant in the Lower East Side when we were 
handed a Guilt City deal which expired that day. We could not pass up the option to check 
out the hot spot Pulqueria in Chinatown. Located next door to Apotheke, where I had my 
birthday party two years ago, in the curve on Doyer's Street, hidden in the basement lies 
Pulqueria, an authentic Mexican restaurant and bar inspired by the vibrant street markets
 of  Mexico City and ancient Aztec culture.

For a Thursday night, the place was pretty tame. There were no seats available in the bar however, 
there was plenty of standing room. We ordered the infamous jalapeno margarita and found a quiet
corner to people watch, chat and wait for our table to be ready.

The bar had a great atmosphere between the design and the DJ playing Robyn, I was almost ready
to get a dance party started. Not to mention, the delicious margarita totally helped my mood. 

When we entered the dining room we realized why on earth it took so long for us to be seated, the 
place was small and intimate. We were seated at a corner banquette table, far away from the two 
large parties of women which looked like they were pulled right from the Real Housewives of 
New Jersey and the second table,  a sorority house from UT. Watching the large table of middle 
aged men try to weasel their way into the women conversation was extremely entertaining. 

Because we had the Guilt Group deal, there was no need to order except for which tacos we 
would like. The first round of drinks came out along with the appetizer, some sort of torta, 
which was delicious. We were also very hungry at this point so anything would have done. 
Thankfully, this was actually very good. We were ready for round number two. 

Along with our second round of margaritas, grapefruit and basil and mango cilantro, we ordered 
a  two different tacos so we could try a few. We decided on the braised Short Rib with caramelized 
onions and chili and the Carnitas with local Berkshire pork confit, cilantro and onions. There were 
two tacos per order and they were quite small. For myself, it was fine however, for most men, it could
have been a problem. Thank goodness there was still dessert. 

For dessert, as they were sadly out of the Churros con Cjaeta with goat milk caramel sauce, we selected
the flan which was quite large and very good. It definitely hit the spot to end the meal.  

It was fun to experience a new place I had just found out about an hour before I went. That 
rarely happens.  It really is nice to not have to plan everything all the time and just enjoy myself. 
Especially basement bars and restaurants. There is this feeling that overcomes you that is hard to 
explain but feel something like trouble! 

Now, go get in some trouble! 

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