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Monday, November 4, 2013

Eastern Excursion: The Hamptons

This weekend Oliver and I escaped from the City and went to stay at Jen's house in Sag Harbor.
My bike had been there for almost two months and it was time I went to pick it up. Why not make
a lovely weekend getaway out of it. We boarded the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island for our
journey to begin. 

On the way out to the Hamptons, we stopped at New Park Pizza for lunch. I am going to have to 
make a bold statement and say this slice was literally the best slice of pizza I had ever had in my 
life. Yes, it was even better than the pizza I took home with me in Rome. It was so good, I am 
still dreaming about it, thinking about it, telling everyone about it, and wishing I was still eating it. 
My parents have both agreed that we will be making a stop at New Park Pizza on their next trip. 

We arrived to Jen's beautiful home in the early afternoon. The drive out was unbelievably beautiful. 
For the first time I really felt like it was fall. Maybe it was the fact this was the first time I had really 
seen the leaves changing colors on the trees. In the city, you do not see it to the extent you do in the 
suburbs. My favorite were the ombre red, orange, yellow green trees. I could get used to this. 

After unloading the car and changing to more appropriate attire, we headed to the Wolffer 
Estate Vineyard for a little wine tasting on most likely last beautiful fall day of the year. I had
never been to Wolffer before so it was nice to finally visit after years of driving by. 

We sat outside, after all it was sweater weather, listened to the music and enjoyed a four wine
tasting. All of the wines were delicious. It was a wonderful relaxing evening. It had been a 
couple of years since I had been wine tasting in Long Island. I forgot how much fun it was. 

The sun started to set over the vineyard and it really was a beautiful site. 

That evening we headed to Montauk for dinner. The town was deserted except for the one restaurant
we wanted to try. After being told it was a two hour wait we moved on to the second busiest place in
town. However, we were lucky this time and seated within a couple of minutes. Dinner was great
and we were completely exhausted so we headed back to Jen's house. We needed to rest up for
the big purpose of our excursion out east, our ride to Montauk. 

The next morning, after fueling up at The Golden Pear, we hit the road. Unfortunately for us, the
weather was not nearly as nice as it had been the day before. With our winter weather gear on,
we cycled from East Hampton to Montauk. 

It was a nice easy ride with a headwind out, we had it planned that way, and an even easier ride back. 
Since I had been sick for fifteen days, I was still having some remnants of a cough and decided to stop. 
Also, as my bike had been out here for so long, it had been two months since my butt legs had been
 on the bike and they were hurting. Of course I had to stop and snap a shot of the bikes in front of my 
favorite spot on Further Lane! This street really is magnificent. 

Oliver had a great weekend as well. He spent the majority of his time running figure eights in
the yard, up on the deck, through the metal fence, around the house and back in the door. It
makes me feel bad when I leave him locked up in a tiny apartment. At least he also gets to
getaway as much as I do! 

After a delicious Pho dinner in Chinatown, I headed home, did laundry and passed out
early. That fresh country air sure does take a toll on you! 

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