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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Andy

Happy 28th Birthday Little Brother! 

I felt it very fitting, with you about to become a Dad yourself very soon, and 
today being your "birth" day, to celebrate you from day one, in the hospital, when 
I was already being the best big sister anyone could ask for. I mean, don't all 
newborns want oreo cookies minutes after they're born? I promise I wasn't trying 
to kill you with the thing. It was more a kind gesture showing that even though 
you were going to completely take over the spotlight, and we all know how much 
of an understatement that was, I was still willing to share my oreo cookie with my 
new baby brother.

So, here is to you kid! We made a great team! I'm glad you were born.

 I love you very much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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  1. Too cute photos! These brought tears to my eyes, both from being moved and the silliness of the oreo cookie and the green shorts-wearing Andy.