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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Howard Beach: New Park Pizza

I had the best pizza of my life on Saturday. Did I mention that? I believe I did but, this place was 
so good, it deserves its own post. On the way out to Sag Harbor last weekend, we stopped in 
Howard Beach for a slices. After it was clear that I had never been to New Park Pizza, there 
was no question that we were stopping. I was not even that hungry at the time but I agreed to 
eat a slice...or five. I was warned about the size of the place, the long lines out the doors and 
how to order. Apparently I did not know how to order pizza. Who knew there was a way?

We arrived around one in the afternoon and thankfully, the line had not breached the door, yet. 
I let the pro order the slices. I had already embarrassed myself enough for one day by admitting
I did not know the term "slice" meant just a piece of cheese pizza. 

A variety was ordered so I had the change to try a few different things because honestly, who 
really knew when I would ever come back out this far. A "scilian" also known to as a "square" 
was ordered along with two "slices with pepperoni" and a "slice" placed in the brick oven and 
handed to us on two paper plates. 

I was handed the original ole "slice" first and told to dig in. After my first bite, I knew there was no 
way I was sharing this piece of pizza. The sauce, the cheese, the crust, everything was perfect. I 
know manypeople who do not eat the crust of the pizza. There are always really random reasons 
like "why waste the calories on the crust", "I don't like crust", "I would rather eat the other part",
 "it is burnt", "it is too hard", "it doesn't have enough flavor", or "it tastes like cardboard". The crust 
on this slice was too perfect. There was a crisp crunch when you bit into it, which exposed the 
soft doughy center with the perfect temperature and delicious flavor. I can still taste it. 

The sauce, the perfect pure fresh tomato sauce, had so much flavor that combined with the melted 
cheese in my mouth like no pizza had before.  I knew immediately that this was the best pizza I had 
ever had. Itwas even better than the pizza I took home with me in Rome. That pizza has now been
 bumped into down into second place, which is still a great spot. 

It almost seemed like time had stopped while I was eating this slice. When I was finished I realized 
I had a second piece sitting right in front of me. This time, pepperoni. We both agreed the pepperoni
was delicious but it was clear that the "slice" was the dead winner. I had to let my Dad know of this
discovery immediately. He is already planning his next trip out to NYC. 

It has been four days since my mouth has tasted such heaven in pizza form. I have not stopped 
talking about New Park Pizza and have passed on the name to at least two persons a day. The 
best or worst part, I do not know yet, I like pizza, but it has never been my go to meal. I only eat 
pizza during work birthday lunches or the occasional friend in town who needs a slice of NY pizza. 
However, I must say, things have changed. I might have a small addiction and I need another
 slice soon! 

Pizza Pizza!

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  1. I can't be friends with anyone that doesn't eat the crust! That pizza looks delish!!! When I ever make it out there again, you guys better take me!!!