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Friday, November 1, 2013

Hulaween 2013: The Big Easy

Last night was the annual Hulaween party at the Waldorf Astoria. This year the theme was 
The Big Easy, aka New Orleans. We decided to tied to coordinate our costumes for the first
time and decided on voodoo dolls and James as our Witch Doctor. 

Jen spent an hour getting James ready for the party! I think she did a great job don't you!

Of course there always has to be one rebel and that was John. John, always wanting to be
 borderline PC, decided to go as Tea Party voodoo dolls. Daniela and I spent one morning 
this week photoshopping Tea Party members heads onto the bodies of voodoo dolls, spray 
mounting them onto foam core and cutting them out with exacto knives. Is it good we work in 
a design office with all the supplies we could possibly need or what! However, it was all worth
it in the end. He got the most attention out of all of us! 

We arrived during cocktail hour where we chatted with friends. The Jazz marching band came 
throughthe room and lead us into the dining hall for dinner. They were great and their costumes 
were fabulous! 

The voodoo doll centerpieces were great! There was a fight for who would end up taking
it home! I think Susie won! 

I somehow managed to get home and into bed before midnight. That is what I call
a good night! I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


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