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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanks and Giving: 2013 Edition

This year is the first year my family will  be all over the place for Thanksgiving. My brother 
and Jennie will be visiting Jennie's sister, bro in law, niece and nephew up in Portland. My 
Dad, who unfortunately cannot join any of us as he will be working, will be in Tulsa. My 
Mom was graciously invited to spend the holiday with good family friends and finally, I will 
be heading upstate to visit the family for yet another amazing Thanksgiving dinner at Kim 
& Lee's. I am very excited to stuff my face and then wake up the following morning and 
run six miles with Aunt Nancy. Thinking about running helps with the gilt consuming my 
very busy, thinking about how much I will be eating, mind.

I know I will be out of control just like most of you on this very special day, which has now 
become known only for eating followed by napping so you can wake up in time to make the 
front of the line for Black Friday shopping, something I am proud to say I have never taken 
part in. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and be in my favor. The last thing I would want
 is to be stuck at the airport on this surprisingly lonely day, even when you are surrounded by 
thousands of other stranded travelers. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday! 
Now, go stuff your face!  

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