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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

West Village: Bakehouse

A couple of weeks ago, I had a lovely brunch with my old friend Jessica. Jessica and I grew up in 
Tulsa riding horses at KJM. Jess and her two younger sisters were always at the barn and therefore 
I got to know them, and their family pretty well. When I went off to college, their family moved to 
Tennessee and I honestly never knew if I would see them again. However, through Facebook, we 
kept in touch. 

Earlier this year, I got text from Jess saying she was officially moving to NYC! She graduated Law 
school at BU, passed the NY and MA Bar and accepted a fantastic job here in the Big Apple. She 
moved intoa great walk up in the West Village close to everything cool. When we decided to plan 
brunch, I had the wonderful idea of exploring her new neighborhood a little and was lucky to come 
across a new adorable little restaurant we just had to try. I made a reso stat. 

Bakehouse, located as far west as you can basically get on the island of Manhattan on Horatio and 
the West Side Highway, is in a great walking location from Meatpacking, the Highline, and Chelsea 
Market. Bakehouse, part of the same team behind 11th Street Cafe and Bonsignour, looked perfect. 
We had our day planned and you bet that included a stop at the Theory store. Brunch at noon and 
shopping in Meatpacking after, what could be more New York than that? We were both looking 
forward to our very New York Sunday. 

Bakehouse is adorably rustic and our server was fantastic. We were seated at a nice little two
 top overlooking the windows on the West side of the restaurant. You could easily see the 
Hudson River, cyclists and runners, which might have caused me to feel a slight pang of guilt 
when ordering. Our server helped each of us, very nicely, order. I know that can be very 
annoying to a server however, there were so many wonderful items on the menu we could 
not make a decision. 

Jessica was very happy with her selection of the Smoked Salmon Benedict. I chose the Fine Herb, 
Onion and Goat Cheese Omelette. I went back and forth between my selection and the Mushroom,
Asiago, and Truffle Omelette. I have a love for truffles, which usually help dictate my ordering but I
do not have a love of mushrooms. Therefore, I made the tough decision to pass on the truffle and 
go with one of my favorite cheeses, goat cheese! I was extremely happy with the light, large and
 fluffy omelette.  

However, the Mushroom, Asiago and Truffle Omelette does look fantastic...

We were both very happy with brunch. The atmosphere was quiet, warm, cozy and cheerful with the
sun coming in from the West. I would highly recommend Bakehouse to anyone looking for a great
brunch location! Now to try their dinner! 

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