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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Celebrations

 This past weekend was a Christmas celebration extravaganza! I attended one expected and 
a handful of unexpected celebrations from Friday to Sunday. Each and every one of them
was a blast and I am thankful to have been a part of the holiday festivities. 

On Friday evening when I arrived home from work, tired and cold, I was intending on
pulling my warm pajamas on, curling up on my sofa with a cozy blanket and snuggling
with Oliver. I mean, that is why we cancelled girls night after all, for a date with our
dvr player, hot tea and guilty pleasures.

That is not how my evening went at all. It went more like this...

After running into my neighbor, she encouraged me to come alone with her and some 
mutual friends to her Mother's holiday party. After a little nudging, I accepted and before
I knew it, we were in a car on the way to Staten Island! This was not as big of shock to
me as it would have been in the past. New recent happenings have resulted with me 
being in Staten Island more than I ever could have imagined lately. 

Less than an hour later, we were eating like queens, drinking like it was the holidays, 
and dancing our little behinds off to the DJ. We had an absolute blast crashing Sara's
Mothers party! It definitely beat date night with my dvr, as you can see!

Saturday morning I finally slept in for the first time in awhile. This might have been due to 
the fact that there was a blizzard outside with no sun in sight. It was still fairly dark in my 
bedroom and I had no place to be until later that night. This left time for me to get out and 
about in the snow with my little dude! However, the little dude wasn't very happy about 
our little snowy romp. Do you see the look he gave me (on the left). He wouldn't even
look at me. 

His hair was out of control! He might not have liked it but isn't he adorable!

That evening was Christmas in Brooklandia! Sara and I trekked out to Williamsburg
in the snow/sleet/rain storm for some red velvet and snicklerdoodle, with a hint of orange, 
cookies, homemade fancy cocktails, a tent with heat lamps, Christmas songs, the largest 
real Christmas tree in a backyard in Williamsburg, beach chairs and good friends. 
I must say, Christmas in Brooklandia was a big hit! 

It was so great to see and hang out with Tess again! Even though she was hosting, running around
like crazy, and bar tending (such a multitask-er), it was still great to catch up and give holiday hugs!

Plus, this amazing hipster Christmas photo would never have been taken. 
The trip out there was worth just that!

Once again, it was a late evening. We had so much fun we ended up staying for over 
three hours! It was worth every minute.

Sunday morning I was lucky enough to sleep in again! Twice in one weekend! I did not
lay in bed all day though. I was up and out fairly early as I had my third Christmas party
of the weekend. This time, I ventured all the way out to Sunset Park, Brooklyn. If you 
don't know where that is, I can't help you because I don't either. Sorry. 

This party was a little different than the others as it was the kids Christmas party at the
firehouse out in Sunset Park. We watched the magician make the kids cry when they 
were not picked, ate amazing firehouse made delicious food, and leave just in time to 
miss Santa come off the roof! I was a little bummed, I won't lie. 

Thankfully, we had another kids Christmas party to go to (#4)! This time, back in 
Manhattan at the Chinatown firehouse. More food, a fun bouncy house for the kids, 
and finally, Santa!! They brought him down with their nifty little bucket on the truck.

I do not know how anyone else would have felt after that amazing Christmas 
celebration filled weekend but, I was ready for a massage and a nap. Literally.
I guess I am one lucky girl! But seriously, I'm still ready for my nap! 

Tonight, I have another holiday dinner at a friends house, Wednesday is finally
my company Christmas party and Thursday is our Ocean Horizon scuba 
Christmas party! I might be ready for six days of relaxation in Tulsa after all of 
these parties but, I am thankful for each and every one of them! 

Merry Christmas friends!
(Thanks to Leif for the awesome hipster Christmas card!!)


  1. What a wonderful weekend! Glad you had so much fun celebrating the holidays! Now hurry up & get to Tulsa for the real celebrations! ;)

  2. Good gravy, it's been a long time since I stopped by here. Just spent some time catching up on a few months' worth of your awesome posts. :)

    That's a heck of a lot of Christmas parties! I feel tired just reading about them. Ha!