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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Vesco Ridge Vineyards

My whole life, up until a few years ago, when we would go "Upstate" to visit the family it meant
baking with Grandma, shopping with Aunt Debby, doing crafts with Aunt Nancy, playing with 
farm animals, or at least watching them, and relaxing. We loved to go upstate to relax. 

Now a days, going upstate means working your butt off, going to bed at 8:00pm because you're 
so exhausted from working hard manual labor all day and waking up at 6:00am because you 
went to bed so early. What happened to my relaxing weekends upstate with the family? 

Welp, this happened.... Vesco Ridge Vineyards

On June 1, 2010, my visits upstate to see the family changed forever. Vesco Ridge Vineyards 
was officially a fully licensed winery open for business. Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dan, to be referred
to as Nan and Dan, converted their old Dining Room into a wine tasting room. Dan's garage hobby
expanded into their house. Eventually, it expanded so much to where they decided to sell their house,
build a tasting and wine making building and a smaller home for themselves. It seems not only did
my life change forever, but theirs as well. I guess I shouldn't be so selfish. 

This year, the brand spanking new Vesco Ridge Vineyard Tasting Room and wine making 
facility officially opened for business. And, look how awesome it is! Danny Boy put all of his 
blood sweat and probably tears into this building and we are all very proud of what he and 
Nan have accomplished. Not to mention, we love hanging out in the tasting room sampling 
dips, ice creams, soups, jelly's, oh yeah, and their twelve or so wines. 

I love browsing their wine accessories. They are perfect gifts for friends, family and holiday party 
gifts for Secret Santa or White Elephant. Who wouldn't love drinking accessories! Everyone loves
wine as well! 

After a morning wine tasting for some family friends, I love hopping in on all of the tastings 
Nan has going on, we moved into the wine making area to help out Dan. Apparently he
 needed to bottle about 800 bottles of Farm Truck Red so he could start another batch 
of wine. This meant, more manual labor for the guests. Thankfully, no taking my shoes off 
and stomping grapes was needed this time. Actually, no real manual labor was needed 
with the brand new technology Dan has going on in this fancy room! 

All I had to do was switch out the wine bottles when the fancy machine told me it was full. 
I then pass the full bottle of wine on to Dan who corked it with another fancy machine. He 
then passed the full corked bottle on to Nan who set the full corked bottle onto this other 
fancy little labeling machine which added both front and back labels on the bottle, perfectly 
spaced.  For the final step, Nan would pass the full, corked, labeled bottle onto mom who 
topped it off with the fancy top wrapping and passed it through a heated machine which 
shrunk the wrapping. Voila! In two hours we had 500 bottles of wine filled, corked, 
labeled and topped! 

Now, standing for two hours switching out full bottles with empty bottles does not sound 
that exhausting, however, it was and I was ready for food and a nap after. We had just 
enough time to eat something and watch a cheesy Christmas movie before heading out to
the airport to catch our flight back to the city. I needed a vacation! Thankfully, I took 
Monday off and was looking forward to relaxing before heading back to work on 

Of course, I didn't make it back alone. All eight bottles of wine were there with me the 
entire way! I cannot wait to pop those eight seven bottles open and share with friends!
One might have already been shared at dinner last night! 

I hope everyone had as an eventful Thanksgiving as we did! Now go visit Vesco Ridge
Vineyards and tell them I sent you!  


  1. I cannot wait to visit!! As long as they don't work me too hard! haha. Sounds like a blast! Glad you guys had fun!