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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Home for the Holidays

After two flight cancellations and an eight hour drive from Houston with three
twenty year old marines I finally arrived home for the holidays. Only a day late 
but, I was finally home. If I would have waited for the airlines to rebook me on
another flight, I would not have gotten home until Monday morning. I think not.

There was no way I could miss Jennie's baby shower. Yes, that one that I was
hosting at my parents house. That would not have been good. So, I drove home.
Even though I never drive in New York City, I apparently made pretty good time.I
arrived to the Tulsa International Airport (I still do not know why the International 
part is in there) around 10:30pm. I returned the rental car, said goodbye to my
driving companions from the last eight hours and went home to bed. The next day
I was planning, preparing and hosting a baby shower. I needed my sleep.

Even though I was still setting up when the first guest arrived, the shower
turned out to be a big success and the best part was the Mother to Be was
happy with the way everything turned out as well. Everyone had a wonderful
time showering Baby Skib. 

 I must add that I cannot take credit for the "Garden Bunnies." That was Andy's little
touch to the table. It was a great little touch I might add.

The rest of the visit home was wonderfully relaxing. I did get to see everyone I
needed to see and wanted to see with the exception of the Cermak family.
I do miss that family! I was lucky enough to dine at my favorite Tulsa restaurant
twice and visit India Palace with the cutest little one year old Tulsa has to offer.
Not to mention, her amazing parents as well. 

Christmas was magical as always. We had a wonderful morning opening presents 
surrounded by the dogs, music and love. This was the first Christmas where my
mother was the sous chef. Surprisingly, my Father and I were the main contributors 
to this years meal. 

My Mom and Dad were jointly responsible for the best turkey I had ever had
in my life. (Insert I am not a turkey on the bone fan). It really was delish.

The gang all seemed to agree with me. 

Even my last minute requested matzo ball soup turned out great. 
I had about an hour to make it before everyone arrived. Or were
they already there? Did I mention it was last minute? Next year
Mom knows to add it back on the menu. It was highly requested.

I have to admit, my pancetta and sage stuffing muffins were also a hit!

 To top off the holidays, I got to see my favorite boys play! I've known these
guys, besides Andy, for almost (rounding up) 15 years. That is impressive.

 Did I mention I got to see everyone I wanted to?

It was great to be home. It was also great that my flight back to New York 
was actually my flight back to New York. It was on time too. A Christmas

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  1. I'm so glad you came home for Christmas!! Reese loved seeing her Aunt Lexi & her parents loved seeing you too!!! So much fun, too little time!! Come back! We miss you!