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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Jersey: Cheesequake State Park

This past weekend when our Woodstock plans failed, we decided we
would still like to spend some time outdoors in the woods. As I am not 
from around here, I really had no idea besides from some of the random
research I had previously done, and left the plans to the boy. Thankfully,
he is from around here and knew some awesome spots like Cheesequake
State Park in New Jersey. 

That morning when we woke up it was raining, which was not
promising for our outdoorsy hiking day. However, we kept on 
course as planned. After we were in our warmest gear, we
stopped by the local deli, picked up a nice hoagie and headed
to the park. On the drive there it started snowing. It looked
like this day was just getting worse as it went on.

Thankfully once we arrived at our destination, the rain and
snow had stopped and although it wasn't bright and sunny, we
were happier campers. Plus, the dogs were starting to drool
with excitement. Nature, it really does something to them.

The park was beautiful and we had a wonderful day outside.
Oliver even managed to look cute doing a face first mud dive.

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