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Friday, January 17, 2014

New York for New Years

It all started in September when I was in Fredericksburg, TX for Kimi's 
wedding. Shannon and Katherine made the decision to come to New 
York City for New Years. I could not have been more excited. I had not
even begun to think about New Years and was relieved when I realized
I did not have to think about it. It was done and It was not even my 
idea. That never happens. I knew no matter what, with Shannon and 
Katherine I would have an awesome time. 

New Years is one of those holidays that I dread. There are so many 
expectations that come with such holiday,and either you have an 
amazing time or it flat out sucks. For me, I've made it a prerogative 
to not have expectations anymore and just enjoy. Therefore, who I 
am with is very important. I knew this year was going to be awesome. 

A month later, I got a text from Kylie stating she was also coming.
I will admit, my heart dropped at the sight of the text because all
that went through my mind was FOUR WOMEN STAYING IN A ONE 
BEDROOM APARTMENT FOR FIVE DAYS, what am I going to do with 
myself. Of course I was extremely happy she was coming, I just
had to get over the initial shock. 

With it being Katherine's first time to New York, I also knew I had 
to include some touristy things in our checklist. I did something I've 
never done before. I did not plan a single thing. Nothing, nada, zilch. 
Not even dinner plans for the day they arrived. I am not sure anyone 
knows this yet but this is a HUGE deal for me. 

Monday morning, two days before New Years Eve, the girls arrived to 
a frigid New York. They immediately asked what the plan was for the 
day. I immediately came up with a plan close to home as Shannon was 
arriving later in the day and I would like to be able to get home quickly
for when she arrived. We spent the early afternoon shopping in SoHo
and walking around. When Shannon arrived we made dinner reservations
at The Park, a restaurant on the border between Meat Packing and 
Chelsea. I had been wanting to eat here for some time and they had 
availability with such late notice. It turned out to be the perfect spot
for their first night in town. 

After a delicious dinner at The Park, we headed to Buddakan for dessert. 
The girls were only here for a few days, why not fit in as much as possible
in the time we had. Buddakan was just around the corner, Kathryn and Kylie
had never been and their desserts are delicious! 

We even made some new friends from Tel Aviv.

The night was far from over for Kylie and Kathryn but close to ending for
Shannon and myself. Just one more stop and we were on our way to bed.
We met Matt at the Patriot Saloon in Tribeca for a little country music for
the Texas girls and some pool.

Shannon and I left the three of them for the evening to get some
beauty sleep. I do not know exactly what they did but I do know 
they had some fun because I heard them come home around 3:30am.

The next morning woke up and made breakfast and worked out. We
had a busy day of pampering ourselves for the evening festivities. 
After a stop at Century 21 and Chop't for lunch, we got to relax for
mani/pedis followed by some down time at home. Eventually, Sara
and Tuck came over and we slowly started getting ready for New 
Years Eve at Avenue!

Matt joined us and he brought along three bottles of champagne
to begin the celebration!

Ordering delivery was the first smartest thing we did all evening. No
cooking means no mess and delivery bags make great trash cans for
when everyone is done eating. It also means no clean up! Finally, It
was time to hit the town! First we needed the candid elevator photo!

And the casual photo in the lobby in front of the Christmas tree.
Believe me, the doormen loved taking this one!

As it was still early in the evening, we managed to take the subway
to the nightclub and save some time and money. Taxi's on NYE in NYC
is one of the biggest nightmares. Thankfully, we planned accordingly.

The club was packed from the minute we stepped inside to the moment
we left. It was crazy! The music was loud, the open bar was legit, the
storage bins below our banquette to hold our bags and coats was genius,
and the bottle of champagne and vodka on our table were needed.
We did what we came to do and we did it right.

We counted down to the New Year in style!

Kisses to the New Year!

The second smartest thing we did that evening was take off those sexy
yet uncomfortable heels and tie on our sneakers! Yes, we were the 
almost thirty year olds who brought our Nikes into the nightclub with
us and were actually seen putting them on around 3:00am. We did not 
care and were actually given props by other females as the smartest idea.

The third smartest thing of the evening was the pizza we devoured.
That pizza most likely saved us from being five unhappy girls the 
next morning. All of us woke up feeling pretty great and ready for
breakfast. We kept the PJs on and threw the coats on and headed
to find some New Years day grub.

After breakfast Kylie and Shannon were ready for a nap. Katherine, it
being her first time in NYC and all still wanted to walk around so we 
headed to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a beautiful sunny day which
did nothing to help how freezing cold it was outside. But, we managed.

And now Kathryn can say she successfully walked the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was nap time for me after our lovely freezing cold walk. We had 
dinner plans that night and I needed to rest up. We all managed to get
up out of bed and shower in time to catch the ferry to Staten Island
at our set time. None of the girls had ever been on the Staten Island
ferry before so this was also a new adventure for them. Plus, the
best view of the Statue of Liberty without actually going to the 
Statue of Liberty.

This was the best shot we got of Mrs. Liberty.

Leif graciously picked us up from the ferry. I introduced everyone as
we headed to the restaurant. Sadly, Denino's was closed for the holiday
so we ended up having dinner at Goodfella's. Ironically, when Kimi and
I came to Staten Island a few years ago, it was my first time back then,
we also ate at Goodfella's. This time it was a little different though, 
we were with a pro who ordered for the whole table. We loved it!

We devoured two appetizers and two whole pies including dessert!
New Years Eve made these girls hungry! After dinner Leif drove us by
his new firehouse in Brooklyn and then to his old house in Chinatown
back in Manhattan. The girls had a blast! 

Leif and some of the other guys showed the girls around the house,let
them try on the helmets and even gave them Chinatown Dragonfighters
T-shirts. They had a blast and even mentioned it was the best part of the
trip so far! Thanks to Leif and the guys!

After the tour of the firehouse we went to Fontana's for a night cap before passing
out after an awesome day. We had a busy day ahead of us and needed to get some
rest so we could make the most of it. It was Katherine and Kylie's last full day.

The following morning, after a quick breakfast, we headed to the gym to work
off our guilt from the past two days. Our friend Matt, who just started a new job
at Google, had invited us to their New York Corporate offices for lunch. I did
not know that was a thing but apparently it is a really big and really cool thing.

The Google office, which literally consumes one whole complete block in 
Manhattan, was unbelievable. I had no idea anything like this even existed.
It was insane and therefore was rewarded the description of a 'Modern day
Willy Wonka.' I can not even go into describing how amazing it was other
than there were snack rooms that had up to six different types of coffee
makers for all those different types of coffee drinkers Google Employs.
They also had sleeping pods, massage chairs, a lego room, a game room
and more cafeterias and snack areas than I could count.  We had fun.

After our delicious and very filling all you could eat lunch, we walked
across the street to the Chelsea Market. Shannon had been before but
the other two had not. They loved it. We had so much fun and might have
snacked on cupcakes from Eleni's!

Following Chelsea Market was the Highline. Of course the Highline is more of
a spring, summer or fall thing, however, we only had one day left and it just so
happened to be right in the dead of winter. We toughened up and went for it.
Besides from the occasional wind, it was not too bad and the girls really enjoyed it.

We walked to the Northern most end of the Highline and hopped the subway to
Times Square. It was not as dark as I wish it would have been for Katherine to
see if for the first time however, it was quite overcast and definitely helped to our
advantage. We climbed the TKTS steps snapped some photos from the heart 
of Times Square. Once Katherine was happy with her visit we hopped the train
again and headed for our second to last stop of the day.

We exited the train at Columbus Circle and you could immediately notice the 
difference between standing on the edge of Central Park and smack in the
middle of Times Square. I could breath again. We walked down the beautiful
Mall to the fountain, Bow Bridge and Boathouse and back down the Mall.
This time, the lights turned on and the mix between the park lights and the
light snowfall was beautiful! 

We ended at the Trump Ice Skating Rink. 


We were officially all freezing and ready for a little break. Why not
stop at the Ritz Carlton for some wine and snacks?  We spent the
next two hours hanging out at the bar enjoying the warmth and very
nice bartender.

Finally, we were off to our last tourist stop of the day. The famous 
Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza. Leaving the Ritz was much harder
once we saw the snowstorm outside. There was no way I was walking
in that blizzard and made the girls hop a cab to our last destination of
the day before I was done being a tour guide. 

I must say, this would have been the first year in awhile that
I had not seen the Christmas tree. I'm glad we went and I'm
even more glad the snow stopped. We were done! It was 
time for dinner and bed. We stopped by Mother's Ruin in
SoHo on Spring Street because Tess was working.
After dinner and a few drinks, we headed home to bed.
We were all extremely exhausted and Kylie and Katherine
were leaving the next day. 

Friday morning Katherine packed and joined Shannon
and myself for a stroll around SoHo to get some breakfast
crepes and souvenirs for her family. We had two hours and
managed to get everything she needed. It was a sad day as
two of my girls left me however I still had Shannon for one
more day. I do not know what I would have done if they 
all left me at once!

The weekend was filled with more working out, friends, 
dinner with friends and staying up way too late on Shannon's
last night! Somehow we even managed to order delivery 
Chinese food around 1am. Thankfully everyone's flights
were on time and easy. I laid in bed for the rest of the day
only to get up and get groceries, do two loads of laundry
and get right back in bed. I was spent. But I would not
have want to spend my holiday any other way.

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  1. What an awesome girls weekend. Looks like everyone had a blast!! Glad they came to visit!