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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mexico 2014 : The big 3-0

I went to Mexico and came back 30. How on earth did that happen?  Can I really be 30?
I'm not sure I feel adult enough yet to be 30 years old and I would have to think my Mom
and Dad would agree with me when they actually think about the fact their baby girl is 30.
I could not have spent my 30th  birthday in a better place with a better group of people.
We had such a blast the entire trip. Not to mention, it was 80 degrees and sunnnnnnnnny.

We arrived in Mexico to a small group who had arrive the previous night which included
my best friend Shannon who was came from Dallas to celebrate my 30th. Would not have
been the same without her. This was Shannon's first dive trip so I joined them for two 
shore dives the first day just to get my fins back in the water. It had been six months, since
my amazing trip to Palau, that I had been in the water. I just needed to make sure I 
remembered how everything worked. 

Our resort was beautiful. It was simply perfect for the trip. Leif and I upgraded to this
adorable cabana for the trip. It was two stories with two bathrooms, a King size bed 
and two full beds. We had way too much space and kept losing things throughout the 
trip because we had too many drawers, surfaces and bathrooms. First wold problems.

The resort really was beautiful. There was so much greenery that was actually fully
bloomed and green. Such a change from this dreaded NYC winter we have had this
year. The bright blue and sunny sky was also fanfreakingtastic. Is that a word? It
is now!

The docks where the boat picked us up and dropped us off was really beautiful. Here 
are two images, one during the day and the other early in the morning when the sun was
still coming up. Such a beautiful view with all of the boats in the water. I wish I was back.

The first boat dive day was so exciting. It was Shannon's first boat dive, and
we were all eager to get out and in the water. Thankfully we remembered to 
document our first boat dive day! 

Our dive masters were awesome! Javier and Alex really took care of us during the week.
They showed us some amazing reefs, and even found us a spotted eagle ray which our group 
swam with for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, I was back around the reef photographing
 what Jimmy called some stupid little Christmas tree while everyone else was having the best 
dive of the trip. The fact that sound travels faster and further underwater is apparently not
 true as I was the only one that did not hear him screaming my name at the top of his lungs. 
Javier and Alex were fun out of the water too! They are salsa masters and had fun trying
to teach us! 

Group #1, aka the best group, was always first in and first out of the water. We loved
this as there were thirty people on this boat and being able to get on an empty boat
and take care of all your equipment without playing bumper tanks was fantastic. We
also had first dibs on all of the candy, fruit and water and were able to get the best
sun spots before anyone else even entered the boat.

Group one consisted of my best friends of the trip! We were also the young group!
Sean and Shannon




Johanna and her husband TJ!

.... and myself! 

We saw so many eels, giant lobsters and barracudas on this trip.  My goal was finally met when
I saw two octopuses on the night dive and two eagle rays during the week.

The first night, after our two shore dives, we went into town to check out Carnivale.
There were bands, decorations galore, costumes, food vendors and many touristy
shops. All I can say is we embraced the moment and took advantage of the evening.
We had a lot of fun as you can see.

Tuesday night was Salsa night and we had a wonderful dinner along with a live
band and wonderful salsa dancing teacher in the form of our dive masters, Alex,
Javier and Pulino. Johanna, who was already an expect salsa dancer, also helped
the guys show us the ropes. 

Thursday night we decided to head out with a small group to check out some fish
tacos, beef for me of course. We had a wonderful time and were blown away, literally.
The restaurant was on the water and it was a tid bit windy. But, after a few margaritas, 
no one cared about the wind anymore! 

Friday night, our last night, was also Valentine's Day and my 30th Birthday. 
My first shot of the evening was shared with Scott and Peter. 

My second shot of the evening was with Scott's wife Ellen and my Shannon.

My third shot of the evening was shared with dive master Jeramiah, the youngster who 
was celebrating his 20th birthday. He was now on shot one and I was on three. He 
needed to catch up. 

My forth tequila shot of the evening was with... oh hell I don't even remember but
I do know I took a shot with Peggy at some point. I cannot for the life of me remember
 who shot five and six were with. Anyone care to help me out here?

How adorable are the guys?

I finally got a good photo of me and Leif. Thank goodness, I do not know
how many people were requesting one. I can say I delivered. 

Shannon and I had to snap a quick one with the dive masters. 

The valentine's hearts eventually came out!

It truly was an amazing group of people and an amazing trip! I am so thankful for 
everyone who helped me celebrate my 30th. Now, who has the photo of me getting
the cake in the face? I need to see that! 


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all! Glad you were able to escape the horrible winter for awhile. :)

  2. What a fantastic way to celebrate the big 3-0!! Glad you had a fabulous time!!