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Friday, March 7, 2014

City Celebration: 30th Edition

 The Sunday after returning from Mexico, I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday again with
my amazing friends here in New York. My dear friend Tess works at the SoHo hotspot Mother's
Ruin, and I knew this was the perfect location for a birthday get together. Not only do they have
tasty drinks, made by the one and only Tess Ann, they also have fried pickles, something I had
 never had until l I visited Mother's Ruin a few months ago. 

Even with the two or three massive snow storms New York had while I was thankfully away, 
my awesome friends still walked the snow piled sidewalks and braved the very cold temps to
celebrate. We had an amazing time and I would like to thank them all for being there with me.
The biggest thanks goes to Tess for practically hosting and sending out those awesome fried
pickles and amazing waffle fries! I love you guys!

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