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Friday, April 11, 2014

FDNY Trident Ride

This past weekend was a pretty exciting one. On Wednesday, March 19th, six New York City
Firemen started their 1,400 mile journey to The National Navy UDT SEAL Museum in Ft. Pierce,
FL on bicycles following a 14' steel I-beam from the 60th floor of one of the World Trade Towers
from the September 11th terrorist attacks. They will be presenting this steel beam to the Navy 
SEAL Museum. Along the way, they are stopping at different firehouses to raise awareness of the
Navy SEAL Trident House, which provides housing for fallen SEAL's families, and visiting the 
Pentagon memorial for a wreath laying ceremony. My boyfriend was one of those six firemen
and I could not be more proud of him.

They started off from the 9/11 Memorial in downtown Manhattan, conveniently only a few blocks 
from my apartment early in the morning. NYPD, Engine 9 Ladder 6 Chinatown Dragonfighters,
and family and friends gathered at the memorial for the send off ceremony. It really was beautiful. 

Their riding schedule was a rigorous one with only a few days of rest. However, they managed
to complete everything on schedule. Their 18 day schedule is listed below: 

Riding Schedule (revised as of 02/23/2014)
Day 1 – Start (03/19/14 Wednesday): World Trade Center Memorial, NY toPhiladelphia, PA 88.7 miles

Day 2 (03/20/14 Thursday): Baltimore, MD 99.8 miles

Day 3 (03/21/14 Friday): Washington, DC 50.8 miles (SHORT DAY)
Day 4 (03/22/14 Saturday): Richmond, VA 128.3 miles

Day 5 (03/23/14 Sunday): Little Creek, VA 108.7 miles

Day 6 (03/24/14 Monday): Little Creek, VA 0 miles (REST DAY)
Day 7 (03/25/14 Tuesday): Greenville, NC 127 miles

Day 8 (03/26/14 Wednesday): Wilmington, NC 114 miles

Day 9 (03/27/14 Thursday): Myrtle, SC 70 miles (SHORT DAY)
Day 10 (03/28/14 Friday): Charleston, SC 96.4 miles

Day 11 (03/29/14 Saturday): Savannah, GA 110 miles

Day 12 (03/30/14 Sunday): Savannah, GA 0 miles (REST DAY)
Day 13 (03/31/14 Monday): Waycross, GA 104 miles

Day 14 (04/01/14 Tuesday): Jacksonville, FL 102 miles

Day 15 (04/02/14 Wednesday): Jacksonville, FL 0 miles (REST DAY)
Day 16 (04/03/14 Thursday): Daytona, FL 87 miles

Day 17 (04/04/14 Friday): Sebastian, FL 111 miles

Day 18 (04/05/14 Saturday): Ft Pierce, FL 30 miles (Arrival to The National Navy-UDT SEAL Museum)
I gave him a goodbye kiss and sent them on their way! Oh yeah, Oliver came too!

Here are some of the photos along their journey!

This past Saturday, I flew down to Florida to meet the guys are they arrived at the Navy
SEAL Museum. It was such an incredible day. 

They were on all local news channels were covering the ride along the way. Here are some
of the news clips:

Congratulations to the guys! What a great cause. Please check out the FDNY Trident Ride
Facebook page and the Navy Seal Museum website to learn how to donate to the Trident House
or the Museum. 

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  1. Leif is so awesome!! What a great adventure, glad you got to see him in Florida!!