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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nashville and The Nephew

This past weekend I was in Nashville meeting my new little nephew! It also happened to
be the same weekend of the Nashville Rock n Roll Half/Marathon which two of my dear 
friends were running. It was bound to be a wonderful weekend! 

I arrived early Thursday morning and my wonderful Mother picked me up from the 
airport! Oh yeah, did I forget to mention she was there too? Yay for Moms! 

We went back to the house where I finally got to hold little Baby B after two 
months of patiently waiting.

Then they took me to my requested breakfast joint, Sky Blue Cafe in East Nashville. 
For the past year I've heard how great it is, so that was my first request of the trip! It was 
really a perfect morning with a table available outside which we snatch up quickly. Andy 
and I both went for the awesome breakfast burrito while Jennie chose her favorite biscuit 
and gravy Em's bowl and Mom, always the sweet tooth, the french toast! After breakfast, 
we drove around East Nashville so I could get the lay of the land.

We lounged around and relaxed for most of the day and went for an early dinner
at Taqueria del Sol. As it was still a beautiful day we sat outside under their covered
patio. My Mom had the best dish of the evening, the special beef burrito. Andy and
I each had two tacos with Jennie having the fish special. After dinner we went across
the street to Jeni's Ice Cream. From the second the words Brambleberry Crisp came 
out of Jennie's mouth, nothing else could stay on my mind for the rest of the day. 
This was what I was looking forward to and no one was going to get in my way.
The best part, it was just as amazing as the actual words.
I pretty much cried and ate at the same time. 

Bedtime was pretty much the same time as Baby B's. I was also fortunate enough to 
take a nap pretty much every time B slept. Watching him sleep made me sleepy too.
Therefore, I got a lot of sleep the entire weekend which was super nice. I also got to
keep my NYC work schedule, going to bed early and waking up early. 

On Friday, Jennie took us to her favorite creperie, Red Bicycle. Andy and I yet again
chose the same thing, the Mexi Crepe. It was creptastic! My mother chose to be a 
little boring this time and went for the typical mushroom, spinach and cheese kinda 
crepe thingy. In the end she agreed it was a little boring. Jennie selected her favorite 
Highlander which had chicken, apples, blue cheese and an aioli sauce. We were all
happy crepers after that! 

It was back to the house for Andy to start packing and getting ready to leave us for a 
day and a half. He had to fly to Indio for the Stagecoach Music Festival. It is
the country music version of Coachella. I guess when work calls you gotta go. 
Before dropping him off at the airport we had to make one more food stop. Duh!
Wasn't this weekend all about eating anyway? 

Burger Republic was another one my parents could not stop talking about for the past
 two months when they discovered it while in Nashville when Baby B was born. So the 
Kid wanted a burger before his flight. The Kid gets what the Kid wants guys. Therefore, 
I stuffed my face one more time for the Kid. Actually, I was pretty good and our server
was so awesome, she brought me a doggy bag to put half of my burger in before I even 
took my first bite! Of course I was saving that half for dinner! 

While Jennie dropped the Kid off at the airport, Mom, B and I napped. We eventually
woke up to finish our burgers for dinner and then went back to bed for real this time.
I told you early to bed early to rise was the motto of this weekend! 

The next morning was the morning of the Rock N Roll Marathon/Half. From my
estimated calculations I quickly did, I figured Kylie and Katherine would be passing
by Jennie and Andy's street around 9:30am. Jennie and I headed out around 9:15am
to our selected corner and stage to watch for the girls. It turned out my calculations
were not exactly correct but good enough that we did not miss them! After a few
screams to get their attention, they were on the sidewalk giving us sweaty hugs!

When they finished, we picked them up and took them for some recover celebratory
tacos at The Local Taco in Sylvan Park.

After tacos, we went to Jeni's. I mean, obviously. Why else do you run a half marathon.
Or in my case watch your friends run a half marathon. This time I went for one scoop of the Goat 
Cheese and Red Cheeries and one scoop of the Brambleberry Crisp. Think cherry cheese danish
or cherry cheesecake. My heaven. 

That night I met the girls out on the town for dinner and drinks. I did not stay out all night with 
them but we had a couple of celebratory birthday shots for Kylie's 30, hell all of our 30ths and 
for them completing the half marathon! I dropped the girls off on the Broadway strip and headed
back to the house. I was definitely asleep by 11pm.

The next morning we piled B and Oliver into the car and drove out to Franklin. It was
a beautiful drive and we played a fun and scary game called "Count the Churches"
all the way to downtown Franklin. We all lost count after 30. Downtown was adorable
and unfortunately closed off due to a farmers market which we did not have the chance
to walk around. We headed out to College Grove to check out the new Greg Norman 
Country Club and new construction. It really was beautiful out there. 

We had decided the night before that we were all craving burgers again. By we and all
I really mean me. So everyone was nice enough to help me cure that craving and we
headed back out to East Nashville's hot spot Pharmacy for burgers. I was really 
excited about this visit. Andy had mentioned it was supposed to be awesome and it
was. Since we had the stroller it was easier to sit inside but they do have a wonderful
back garden. After burgers the Kid was back in town and needed a ride home from 
the airport. Mom, B and I napped again while Jennie went to pick Andy up. 

We spent the afternoon laying around, watching TV and of course napping. Our
only plans that evening were for dinner. Who would have thought? This restaurant 
was my final request of the trip and thankfully so as it was my last night. 
Rolf and Daughters has been the topic of conversation within my family since Andy
and Jennie laid foot in Nashville. My parents raved about it for weeks after they
were lucky enough to visit. So, for my final night, Rolf and Daughters it was.

Jennie's pick to start was the homemade bread with seaweed butter. You can
see why that was not my first pick however, she was right, it did not taste like
seaweed at all, thankfully. The bread was delicious and that salt. Oh so good.

Andy chose the greens which had toasted quinoa. Delicious. 

My favorite dish of the evening was the pasta dish which stole my heart from the
moment my eyes laid on the words Garganelli verde, heritage pork ragout, 
parmesano. Sold. It was truly out of this world delicious. Pasta love.

I also selected this very random dish because it sounded so delightfully wonderful.
Garlicy polenta with olive oil and poached egg. I could eat this for breakfast daily.

Jennie and Andy both selected the final dish of the evening, the meatballs. These
were seriously the best meatballs I had ever had in my entire life. No lie. No joke.
The best. The sauce, oh the sauce, I can still taste the sauce. The two together
were spectacular. This rivals with the pasta for my favorite dish of the evening.
Or in life....

While my gentleman brother went to get the car as it was raining and god 
forbid the two ladies get wet, we happened to have a very nice little conversation
with none other than the owners Mother who was in town visiting from Florida. 
Imagine that. We raved to her. 

Once we got home, Jennie happened to have a pint of Jeni's Brown Butter Almond
Brittle ice cream in the freezer. We indulged for our final night together. Then we
went to sleep. I had an early morning and flight back to NYC to get back to work
and life. Bummer. I still had many more flavors of Jeni's ice cream to try. I guess
this just means I will have to go back soon. Plus, who would want to be away 
from this little face for too long?

Auntie Lexi misses her little B already! Don't grow up too quickly buddy! 
Although, Oliver is really glad to be back home and receiving all of the attention 
again. He did not have quite as good of weekend as I. 

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  1. What a fantastic weekend! B is so cute! I can't wait to meet him in person! Of course Reese needs to meet him too ;) I'm jealous of all the yummy food you ate :)