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Monday, May 19, 2014

East Village: Alder

My lovely parents are in town visiting and you know what that means! New restaurants, new Broadway
show, new experiences and lots of fun. I typically follow the path Mike and Kristen pave when Mike's 
parents come into town. Both families, mine and his, have very similar taste, and it has proven to be 
very successful in the past. Why not continue? 

One afternoon while standing outside of Aroma on Houston, waiting for the girls to use the ladies 
room, Mike and I were outside people watching outside with Oliver, and he was divulging their 
Alder experience. The only thing that really stuck in my head was the bacon egg and cheese gyoza. 
With my old time love for gyoza, everything else seemed to slip my mind. I knew nothing much about
Alder other than that it was the same owner as WD~50, where I have yet to dine, Kristen and Mike
had a wonderful experience and they had breakfast gyoza. Sounded like a win win for me.

Alder is located on Second Avenue and almost the corner of 10th Street in the East Village. Very easy
to get to from the 6 train. We arrived on time and were seated immediately which was wonderful. The
day was beautiful and although they had seating outside, there were only three tables and all happen
to be taken. 

The interior was simple and beautifully rustic. We all agreed the reclaimed wood slats on the ceiling
were beautiful. Everything was clean and monochrome with the only color, besides from the natural 
tones, coming from the liquor bottles displayed very nicely on the illuminated glass shelves. 

We were surprised with an amuse-bouche once we were seated. It actually kept us from ordering
all three appetizers which is where we were headed. The pigs in a blanket was probably my favorite
out of all three. The combination between the mustard and chili sauce was delicious. 

My second favorite was the long awaited bacon, eggs and cheese gyoza. I was wondering how this
was going to be served as my favorite gyoza is sauteed. However, the fried definitely makes more
sense in this case. I probably still would have liked it if it was sauteed as well. I just love me some
gyoza and dumplings! 

I believe we all felt the same in regards to the third appetizer on the menu, the pizza bagel. 
It was our least favorite. There was some sort of spice which we could not place, however,
we did not particularly enjoy. On that note, I mean, it was a pizza bagel and it was good.
I mean, we did eat it all. 

My Dad went for the scramble eggs with eggplant and trout. Sara and I are not trout fans. Actually, 
we are not fish fans, so I did not try his meal. The only comment I will make is that it was extremely 
small. Especially for a hungry man. My Dad actually ordered a side of rye toast which helped. How
do you eat eggs without toast?

Sara and my Mom both got the Pastrami Hash with soft-poached egg and rye toast. They both 
finished their plates which I assume means they loved it. However, I will say they both ordered
a side of rye toast as well. 

I decided to indulge in a dish I have never ever experienced. However, this is not the original fried
chicken and waffles, it was a play on it as Jerk Chicken and Waffles. The chicken was cooked 
perfectly. It had an interesting flavor for me as I had never had jerk chicken before, but i was 
expecting it. It was delicious. The waffles were your typical great waffle. Together, I felt it went
great. I really enjoyed my meal. My Dad had to finish it off for me as my portion was the largest
on the table. 

We had placed a dessert order with the server when we ordered our meal, however, it seems
the delicious donuts did not register. However, it turned out for the better. We were all pretty
full and ready to meet our friends on Stone Street to celebrate Sara's birthday! It was great to
try a new restaurant again. It had been awhile. Overall I think we all enjoyed Alder however,
I would love to try WD~50 before going back. 

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  1. YUMMMMMY!!! What a cool place!!! I'll add it my list :)