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Thursday, May 29, 2014

NOLA: Kristen & Mike's Wedding Weekend

On Friday morning, also known as Sara's birthday, we headed out bright and early to fly to 
New Orleans for Kristen and Mike's wedding weekend! Our flight was at 7am and we landed 
in NOLA at 9am. Thankfully we had no issues and arrived on time. We easily hopped a cab 
and checked into our hotel. After unpacking and settling in, we headed out for some breakfast. 
We ended up at Cafe Fleur De Lis.It was perfect and hit the spot! 

We spent the rest of the morning walking around the French Quarter, visiting our favorite Voodoo
shops and almost ended up with random it's Sara's birthday tattoos. Thankfully, that did not happen.
We headed back to the hotel early enough to take a little nap, clean up and get ready for the wedding!

We arrived at Race & Religious ten minutes before the ceremony began. It was just enough time 
to sign the guest book,grab a glass of bubbly, say hello to all of our friends and be seated. 

The wedding was short, sweet and perfect for this amazing couple! Not to mention how absolutely
adorable, beautiful and perfect the venue, Race & Religious, was. There were at least three or four
buildings on the property. The front building, which is most likely the main house, was connected
to another building, which at one point was the old slave quarters, by a balcony walkway.

The only actual decorations which were supplied were the tables, chairs, candles and flowers. 
Everything else was provided by the charm and architecture the property provided in itself.
The history of this building alone is probably exciting! 

This is my favorite photo I snapped of the two love birds. There is no doubt in how extremely happy
they are. It was time to get the party started. 

We departed the property immediately after the ceremony by following the amazing second line 
and the bride and groom! We walked, danced, and celebrated on the streets of New Orleans!

The happy couple after the second line!

The beautiful table decorations and bridesmaids bouquets were stunning!

The cake, pie and drink location was in the old slave quarters. However, with what the wedding
planner did, you would never have guessed it used to be where slaves lived. 

The property was absolutely beautiful. 

There was not one thing, besides from the heat, that I would have changed about this
wedding. The ceremony started on time, drink in hand, was short and sweet, we celebrated
with music and the second line, followed by Kristen and Mike's first dance and dinner was 
served! The food was tremendous. Two words, risotto bar. Yes. Not to mention, thinly sliced 
steak, asparagus, grits, mushrooms, rolls, and potatoes gratin. You can't forget dessert!
Yes, besides from the delicious wedding cake, there were four types of pies and 
beignets served with coffee! 

After dinner, the party really started. The sun went down, the lights shined, the music blasted
and we danced for hours. Eventually half of the group ended up with either their feet or whole
body in the pool. What a night! I am so honored to have been a part of this special day. What a
fantastic evening for this amazingly special couple! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kohn!

Saturday morning Sara and I tried to sleep in. However, we were up at the crack of dawn.
Sara and I spent the morning lounging and relaxing by the pool before walking from our hotel
all the way down Magazine street. We shopped, had lunch, visited antique stores, indulged
in gelato and walked all the way back to the hotel. Overall, we walked over four miles. 
Our favorite store of the trip was Defend New Orleans. I got a cool tank and poster I wish
to frame, Leif a shirt and Bennett a onsie! 

We even made a new friend. Meet Lilly!

We were pretty exhausted and extremely sweaty when we arrived back to the hotel. It was 
shower and nap time! That evening we met Craig, Charl and Emma at our favorite spot in the 
Warehouse and Arts District, W.I.N.O. We had such a great time two years ago when we 
visited, we needed to relive it all over again, aged gouda included! 

After dinner, we met Kristen, Mike and some of their other friends and family at Lafitte's 
Blacksmith Shop Bar for some drinks before heading to Frenchman Street for some live
Jazz! It wasn't an extremely late night but it was later than any of my other nights these days.

Sara and I definitely slept in the next morning. Thankfully, we had a good amount of time
to relax and slowly get ready for brunch. We took the street car to Lafayette No. 1 
cemetery and walked around a little. 

We met Craig and Charl across the street at Commander's Palace for our reservation for a
 Jazz Brunch! It was an experience I must say. All three courses were delicious and our server
was an absolute riot! We had such a blast! My favorite dish, the homemade strawberry shortcake.
The best I have ever had in my entire life. It was breathtakingly delicious. Even though I couldn't
breathe, I finished it. 

Sara and I decided to walk home after that brunch. We needed to burn a few calories. 
After our two mile walk back to the hotel, we both crashed. We actually ended up 
canceling our dinner reservation as we were still too full and could not think about 
eating ever again. After a four hour nap, we finally got ourselves up and headed to the
French Quarter to have our own little haunted walking tour. Kristen and Mike met us,
I directed us and Sara read the stories of these haunted houses!

We left early Monday morning with a connection through Dallas. Magically, we had
no delays or issues flying back either. I still can't believe it. However, we had a long
day a head of us. I believe I took part in every mode of transportation but animal and 
helicopter. A cab, a plane, a plane, a bus, a train, a subway, walked, a ferry, a car, a 
boat, a car, and finally bed! 

That evening, I headed to Staten Island. Leif and his family were gracious enough
to watch my little Oliver. It was such a beautiful day which turned into evening so
Leif and I took his boat out for it's first voyage of the year! Bottle of wine included!

Once I got home the next day, I hung my voodoo doll for peace and tranquility! 

That night, I slept ten hours straight. What a whirlwind of a weekend! But,
it was so worth it! 

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  1. What an awesome weekend & a beautiful bride! Glad everyone had fun!