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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dallas: Shannon's Birthday Surprise

My best friend Shannon turned 30 on June 28th. To celebrate her birthday, we were 
going to plan a surprise birthday trip. However, life got in the way and we were unable
to plan a lavish getaway she so deserved. Therefore, I decided to fly down to Dallas
for one weekend and surprise her! Her boyfriend, Eric, and I had this planned perfectly.
Saturday, June 14th I woke up at 4am and headed to JFK Airport for my direct flight
to Dallas. Thankfully the flight went smoothly and I landed in Dallas bright and early at
8:30am. Eric was right there to pick me up. 

For the past couple of days Eric had been telling Shannon a little white lie. This little
white lie was that his friend Matt was visiting for the weekend from Cali. Well Matt
from Cali turned out to be Alexis from NYC. Eric and Shannon had planned to cook
Matt breakfast at Shannon's apartment after she got home from the gym. When 
Shannon was taking too long at the gym and said she was going to be another hour, 
we decided to surprise her there. We convinced the front desk at Equinox to let us 
find her. It only took a minute but we finally spotted her. I walked right up to her and 
said "B***H you were going to make me wait an hour to see you!!" It was love
at first sight! 

The rest of the day we celebrated her birthday with some close friends at the pool. 
It was such a great time relaxing, catching up and getting to know her Dallas friends
who I had never met before! That evening we went to a wonderful dinner at Saint
Ann Bar and Restaurant. Dinner was delicious. We popped the champagne and
even ordered macaroni and cheese along with bread pudding for dessert! It was
such a great night. After dinner we stopped by a few bars for and finally ended up
going to bed fairly early. I guess that is what happens in your 30's.

 The next morning, Father's Day, we drove North and had brunch at Whisky Cake.
The place was almost empty when we arrived and by the time we ordered, there 
was a line out the front door! It was crazy. It was also crazy good! The whiskey
cake dessert, Eric insisted we have, was unbelievable. We spent the rest of the
day driving around site seeing cool areas of Dallas, shopping and hanging out at
Eric's house. Sadly the time came and they dropped me off at the airport. Our 
weekend was over. But, it was such a great weekend and I was so happy I got
to surprise her that it was so worth it! I love you best friend! 

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  1. Yay for the birthday surprise! I love me some sha-nay-nay! Glad you girls had fun!! And who works out at the gym for an extra hour!!