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Friday, July 11, 2014

Edison, NJ: Harold's New York Delicatessen

The last weekend in June, Leif and I were hungry and spending too much time trying to decide
what we wanted for dinner. Then he remembered Harold's. We have been talking about Harold's
for some time now and just haven't managed to make it over the bridge to New Jersey with
our crazy busy schedules. Well, it was early on a Sunday and we were both in the mood for
some matzo ball soup and pastrami and corned beef sandwiches!

It was a very quick 15 minute drive from Staten Island to Harold's Deli in Edison, NJ.
It was an odd time of the day, early bird dinner I guess you could call it. We had been
out and about running errands, hiking with the dogs and kayaking all day so we had worked
up a good appetite and did not care if it was 4:30pm and we were ready for dinner.

We were seated immediately although we were nervous when we arrived because the
parking lot looked full. The place was huge and not as crowded as we had expected.
It took us no time at all to decide what we wanted to share, the pastrami and corned beef
sandwich. The great thing about Harold's is their pickle bar which includes roughly five
different kinds of pickles, sour tomatoes, cabbage salads and four different types of
breads and rolls. Leif was in the mood for pastrami and I corned beef. This way,
we each got to have our own, for days!

In the end, we also decided to get one matzo ball and a side of chicken noodle soup. The
actual matzo ball soup was so large we needed 8-10 people to finish it off. We couldn't
even finish off one ball. I think this look explains it all...

Shortly after our sandwich arrived. This photo does not do the size of it justice.
However, it making 6 sandwiches and lasting me for 4 days after does. Lunch
for the next three days was easy!

In the end, we hardly made a dent. We were both so full we had to pass on dessert.
But, we ended up visiting the pickle bar one last time, grabbing some to go pickles
and bread for the rest of the week.

My parents would love this place! I can't wait to take them!

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