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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pocono, PA: Whitewater Rafting

Last month Sara and I were invited to go white water rafting in Jim Thorpe, 
Pennsylvania with our scuba diving friend Johanna. It was part of the 
Pocono Whitewater Rafting dam release which means, more fun! Unfortunately,
 as it was whitewater rafting which has much to do with water, we left our phones 
in the car and have no photos at all to document the day. However, there is this 
clip from their website!

Sara and I both woke up extremely early because we had to be in PA by
8:30am. By 6:00am we were on the road, in Leif's truck (thank you again!)
and headed towards a day of fun in the sun! Because it was earlier than
we would have liked, the traffic was nonexistent and the drive was easy
and beautiful. We met our large group and all signed in. Within the next 
hour, we were all surrounding the instructors listening to the rules and
regulations and ready to hit the river. 

We were on the river for five hours with one 30 minute lunch break. 
The river was completely in the sun, which was fantastic as the water
was fresh water rushing and freezing. All I can say is we got one hell
of a workout. We cannot wait to go back with our friends and have 
a blast! It was a little difficult steering the raft with people you do not
know because you really can't tell them what to do. With our own 
friends, that would be different and probably more successful! 

The bus picks you up where you finish on the river and drives you
back to the lodge. On the way back you learn all about Jim Thorpe and
the interesting story about his life and why this particular town became
after him! Over all it was a great experience and fun summer weekend activity!

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  1. What a blast! I need to come up in the summer so we can go!